Thursday, February 28, 2008

up by the bootstraps

Thanks to my fellow bloggers and friends that have really called me on my relative blog death as of late. I have REALLY got to pick myself up by the bootstraps and blog again. I really do LOVE to blog -and Janet Shumway suggested taking all the blog entries and put them in a book with and - which I think is totally brilliant.

So - just a quick rundown (aka excuse) for why my blogging abilities have severely dwindled. I am hoping to become more regular through March and back to normal blogging in April.

I have been training FULL time with Julie Tupler's home study training program.
It is an "8 week program" that no one has ever completed in less than 3 or 4 months...because it is SO labor intensive. It is seriously more labor intensive than ANY BYU class I have ever taken. And she is like the professor of NO deviance. Nothing is open to interpretation - so everything MUST be done her way - the wording of each exercise, the explanation, the filming of the videos, the essay intensive homework, etc. AND since I am now like 7 months pregnant - and 6 weeks into the course - I must have everything TOTALLY done so I can be in New York to train personally with her. I have had my plan ticket and reservations since before I began the course, since I knew it was end of March or NOTHING. I will be 8 months pregnant by then, and I cannot wait until the baby is born - I laugh just THINKING about it. There is no way! So, I am lets say REALLY busting my rear end to get myself into full throttle to get everything done.

BREATHE (I remind myself)

I must say I am proud of myself. Coupled with the fact that the writer's strike has left the TV a bunch of reality shows, along with the many hours of studying, I have whittled my "must see" TV shows to essentially one - LOST. So it is really refreshing how much time that really does free up. Although - Brian and I really do miss "The Office"!

OH - and while I am thinking about it - we are having a GIRL! We were TOTALLY convinced it was a boy - but I am excited to have a girl again. These three kids will all be in ONE 10 X 9 room. We invested in some TALL furniture (no place to go but up) to be able to fit the bunk beds, and a crib, and space for all the kids clothes. Talk about a challenge - but I really like that kind of challenge (as long as we have an IKEA that is relatively close!)

Brooke has named the new baby "Blueberry Surprise" after one of the ponies on Strawberry shortcake - so lamentably that is what we refer to the baby as. AND - I will mention Brooke just turned 5 on Sunday. HOW CAN THIS BE!!! DENIAL BY MOM!!! It just seems like ages 0 - 5 were pretty slow - and now it will be like fastforward to college. I really hope it goes slower than that...but I am starting to wonder. Just like - how can I be 30!?!?! Internally I feel 22 or 23.

So yes - I know this is a random post. Darcie - your comment was hilarious - I had a good chuckle about it. AND I have really been missing reading everyone's posts - so I am putting some time aside to make that a priority. It is such a fun and MUCH NEEDED outlet!