Monday, April 30, 2007

My take on Part I of the “PBS Special on Mormons.”

My take on Part I of the “PBS Special on Mormons.”

First of all, here is my post to PBS:

I did have hopes for this documentary...I was hoping the director would get us "right." I felt especially after the Polygamist section, that a person looking in would be really confused. You made it seem as if we socialize, know "Mormon Fundamentalists" as you mistakenly call them, are normal and common. I adamently dissagree with the way the edits made it seem as if this were something you would meet with on occasion. Mormons do not associate with people proclaiming Polygamy. We feel sorry for them, and feel that they are misguided. The people that practice Polygamy would not dare associate with normal everyday Mormons. They are not Mormons or Mormon Fundamentalists, they are simply called "Polygamists." You missed the mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is also helpful when doing a documentary if you get a little more balance than dominating commentary by "dissadent or estranged or excommunicated" members of the church could give. OBVIOUSLY their slant will be met with synacism and condescention. I REALLY HAD TO LAUGH at the remark made by one of these "dissadent ex-members" of the church gave, remarking that Utah was a "blood red land" "fiery and hot" and other nonsense, when talking (a little to long windedly) about the MMM. That was a little over the top, don't you think. I hope tommorow will be a little more balanced and CORRECT!!!!!!!

*That being said – I also noticed they did not talk about our belief in the HOLY BIBLE, (Hello!)

*They did not mention the other “witnesses of the book of Mormon”

*They did not mention the Aaronic and Melchizadec priesthood and how its “restoration” is a key element (a fraction of a sentenced mention it was “created”)

*They spent and inordinate amount of time on the Mountain Meadow Massacre and Polygamy

*They played some very creepy music giving things and eerie mood

*They made it sound like baptism of the dead uses “dead bodies” – I shouted at the TV *“PLEASE CLARIFY THAT ONE!” GOOD GRIEF!

*My dad is an EXPERT on the Zions Camp – and there is not one mention of the *Mormons burning down Missourians homes

*Can we please erase the term ‘Mormon Fundamentalist” from the Media’s vocabulary!

Hoping tomorrow can at least PARTLY redeem itself!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


So its the time of year when I map out my Friday and Saturday plan every Thursday night.
I mapquest the addresses I don't know and make a route of where I am going first, second, and so on.

The goal? To find stuff to sell on Amazon and Ebay, and a few things here and there for the kids and the yard.

So last week was really my first official garage sale week. Since we had book club on Saturday (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was the book - very interesting) I only had time to make it to one this week.

I had the host of book club, Tracy, help me find the location. I had the kids with me since Brian was working - and they were NOT in a good mood. BUTI decided it will be worth the effort and I was off - VERY out of the way from my house, I might add.

So I get there and I could IMMEDIATELY see that I could only hope for a couple of things for the kids, at best - mostly clothes - a couple of very used toys. There was a table with some cute, good quality clothes - they were about $2-garage-sale-clothes-apiece clothes. (THAT IS THE HIGH END AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED - I CAN GET $2 CLOTHES AT KOHLS ON CLEARaNCE ALL THE TIME).

So I made the round at the different tables. There was NO ONE to consult on anything so I waited around a couple minutes even though the kids were not too happy. I started thinking - ANYONE going to notice there is a potential buyer at their garage sale. If I was so inclined, I could have easily ....but I am NOT so inclined. So anyway - finally a boy appeared at the door - maybe 11. He was obviously the one manning the garage sale, hence the not-so-prompt entrance. I asked vaguely - pointing to the table of the nicer clothes - "How much are these?"

He said, "TEN DOLLARS." I thought he was joking...or misunderstood. "I mean for just ONE piece of clothing" I said. (They were kids clothes)
"Yeah," he said, "TEN DOLLARS."

I WAS STUNNED. Literally STUNNED!!!! I choked out, "I've never heard of THAT before."
"TEN DOLLARS PER CLOTHING ITEM !?!?!??!, " I thought to myself in stunned amazement, "No wonder, nothing looked touched at that garage sale, even though it is 7 pm on the last day!"

There are certain rules of pricing etiquette at garage sales, and this one was GROSSLY overpriced. Still shaking from the SHOCK I drove home in silence. I have only one work to say.....WOW!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So - this is my current FAVORITE DESSERT - YUM!! Cut up strawberries and whip cream and sprinkled very lightly - brown sugar. Talk about divine - and it doesn't take much of the other stuff to make those strawberries heavenly. YUM!!!

On another note - I am getting really excited for these last episodes of LOST. If you can bear it - check out the 'Lost spoilers" link on the blog. PRETTY COOL!!!! Also - this is pretty common knowedge - so I hope I am not ruining it for anyone - but I am most looking forward to the BEN flashback episode - they also cast a young Ben, a "Roger Linus" and a blonde "Mrs. Linus" - and a little girl - last name Linus. Should be GREAT!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

OUCH! I HATE applesauce!

So - I hate applesauce FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonite as I was in the middle of making dinner, I went to put some food away and a jar of applesauce from a high up shelf landed right smack on me middle finger that was resting on the counter. Then, the applesauce jar broke as my finger broke out in a weird combination of pain and that weird numb tingly feeling tyou get whenyou bump your funny bone very hard. When I looked at the finger I noticed it looked very strange. I looked at it a minute later and it was looking deformed. "Man!" I thought, "There goes volleyball tonite!"

(we play everyFriday with friends)

So - we took a fun trip to the emergency room. Everyone that looked at it said ""EW!" including the docs. After x-rays - the verdict is that I might make people made with my splint being on an unfortunate finger, but its a bad bone bruise and sprain - but no break. But the Dr. reminded me that bone bruises can take awhile to heal.

Chris and Kami were nice enough to take Brooke and Tyler while Brian went with me. Thanks guys!

So, I guess THAT was our "date night"............... Fun!..........

My regrets:
*no volleyball for several weeks
*no guitar hero
*typing one handed (Luckily my right hand is great)
*no more applesauce without rage
*no playing the piano for a few weeks
*no putting the patio stones over the nasty dog run area for several weeks...unless I just supervise....
Refraining from doing half of the routine for the mommy
tummy class I teach (the arm workouts with resistance bands are all yours, Tami!)

Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Did they get that from me?

Brooke’s Idiosyncrasies

*Lately – her big thing is playing with 18 inch ribbons I cut for a 3 legged race. She ties up her favorite stuffed animal – lamby- and has him pulling a large toy bus. She also ties the table against the wall and attached the other end of the string to the rocking chair – with several ribbons. Many people have tripped over these – including Tyler. After a large noise I came into the room to find the large table and two end tables and the lamp had fallen on top of both of them. Only Brooke’s pride was damagaed….and even then not so much.

*On the way to preschool yesterday,” Mommy, I was talking to Evvy. Don’t interrupt – that’s RUDE!”

*Early yesterday morning after I said, “OK, Brooke, jump out of bed!” Brookes reply is, “Mommy, we don’t jump out of bed. That’s not safe.”

*Brooke’s silly interpretation when you ask her to name the planets is, Mercury, Venus, and TRAPATUNE! HAHAHAHAHAHAH.” (Giggling incessantly)

*During Family Home Evening, Brian and were using the commitment pattern on Brooke to share. “So, how do you think Tyler will feel when you share? “So will you share?” Her consistent response to every question was a diplomatic, “Tyler can have a different toy to play with.”

*If I miss a step with the time out process, Brooke will become concerned and explain to me the order.

*When Brooke watches me play Guitar Hero from time to time, she will say, “Mommy, you messed up! You missed the yellow and blue!” (Guitar hero fans will know what that means).

You gotta love what comes out of their mouths!!!

Tyler’s idiosyncrasies:

*Tyler will sign “All done” not only when He is done, but he will frantically sign it when he wants Brian or I to be done with whatever it is WE are doing.

*If Brian and I are not paying enough attention to what he is saying, or if we don’t understand him, he will sign AND say it – again – its all about emphasizing with him.

*Tyler LOVES to wake Brooke up in the morning. He will sometimes watch her from his crib (they share a room) and he will call out her name which sound like, “Bladdy” or something like that, for up to an hour. If he is out of bed, he will run up to her and pat her and prod her and laugh incessantly until she stirs. I think she is immune to him in instances like this.

*Tyler loves to be roughhoused by both Brian and I. He is MUCH more rough with Brian though – he will pull his lips, ears, violently kiss his nose. With me I am the one that roughhouses – I will tickle him. I think he is more afraid of my wrath than Brian’s in general.

*He is supremely affectionate – gives fantastic hugs and kisses all the time.

Kids – you gotta love’em!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


In case your wondering - that is my dad. He likes to explore his many....facets.

Well, We had a GLORIOUS Easter!!! We went down to Jacksonville, where my parents are and hung out for a few days. Brian happened to have Spring Break from School, without any school obligations like coaching or meetings, so we thought we would take a very slight extended stay.

The first night we had a ping-pong, foozeball, and guitar hero marathon, and then we played this REALLY cool game called "Bubble Brain." If you REALLY want to play a group game that will make you laugh - THIS one has got to take the cake!!

We watched "The Testaments" on Easter that my parents gave us. Even though I am NOT a cryer - I almost envy people that can cry - I do cry EVERY TIME at the testaments near the end. I LOVE IT!!

Here are some fun Easter Egg pics, family pics, and Tyler discovering Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate fondue. Oh how he takes after his mother that way!!!! YUM!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Evelyn is Brooke's best friend and cousin - and lives right down the street from us. I was taking pictures of the kids at the Easter Egg Hunt the kids went to - and I noticed that in EVERY SINGLE shot, Evelyn was making some pretty brilliant facial expressions.

It was UNCANNY - Every single frame had such a distinct expression that I had to edit them and show them - they are pretty cool! I really have not met any person that has such a varied array of different VERY DISTINCTIVE faces that she can just pull out of that hat of hers at any time and any place. A person that invariably is able to show so many different and VERY UNIQUE facial expressions is deemed to have a future in the dramatic arts - or at least a hand in it.