Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Did they get that from me?

Brooke’s Idiosyncrasies

*Lately – her big thing is playing with 18 inch ribbons I cut for a 3 legged race. She ties up her favorite stuffed animal – lamby- and has him pulling a large toy bus. She also ties the table against the wall and attached the other end of the string to the rocking chair – with several ribbons. Many people have tripped over these – including Tyler. After a large noise I came into the room to find the large table and two end tables and the lamp had fallen on top of both of them. Only Brooke’s pride was damagaed….and even then not so much.

*On the way to preschool yesterday,” Mommy, I was talking to Evvy. Don’t interrupt – that’s RUDE!”

*Early yesterday morning after I said, “OK, Brooke, jump out of bed!” Brookes reply is, “Mommy, we don’t jump out of bed. That’s not safe.”

*Brooke’s silly interpretation when you ask her to name the planets is, Mercury, Venus, and TRAPATUNE! HAHAHAHAHAHAH.” (Giggling incessantly)

*During Family Home Evening, Brian and were using the commitment pattern on Brooke to share. “So, how do you think Tyler will feel when you share? “So will you share?” Her consistent response to every question was a diplomatic, “Tyler can have a different toy to play with.”

*If I miss a step with the time out process, Brooke will become concerned and explain to me the order.

*When Brooke watches me play Guitar Hero from time to time, she will say, “Mommy, you messed up! You missed the yellow and blue!” (Guitar hero fans will know what that means).

You gotta love what comes out of their mouths!!!

Tyler’s idiosyncrasies:

*Tyler will sign “All done” not only when He is done, but he will frantically sign it when he wants Brian or I to be done with whatever it is WE are doing.

*If Brian and I are not paying enough attention to what he is saying, or if we don’t understand him, he will sign AND say it – again – its all about emphasizing with him.

*Tyler LOVES to wake Brooke up in the morning. He will sometimes watch her from his crib (they share a room) and he will call out her name which sound like, “Bladdy” or something like that, for up to an hour. If he is out of bed, he will run up to her and pat her and prod her and laugh incessantly until she stirs. I think she is immune to him in instances like this.

*Tyler loves to be roughhoused by both Brian and I. He is MUCH more rough with Brian though – he will pull his lips, ears, violently kiss his nose. With me I am the one that roughhouses – I will tickle him. I think he is more afraid of my wrath than Brian’s in general.

*He is supremely affectionate – gives fantastic hugs and kisses all the time.

Kids – you gotta love’em!!!

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Cami said...

Cute! It's fun learning more about your kiddies. They sound fun and cute, and a lot like mine in some ways. Too bad they never met. If you're ever in the D.C. area . . .