Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We are alive!

In response to Darcie’s comment, “Are you Alive? Update your blog!” I thought I should pick myself up from one of the craziest past 3 weeks ever. A brief synopsis:

*I decided 3 weeks ago to get my NASM Personal Trainer certification – and I have to complete the course by Dec 17 and test on it – stress!

*After a freak email I sent to Julie Tupler, author of “Lose your Mummy Tummy” (and founder of the technique I have been teaching for two years with my PT sister) we are in direct communication with her frequently and she is planning to open up a facility in Chicago with us as the lead instructors. Enter 8 week home study program and 5 day New York trip to train with her (after January please- no more at this point!)

*I was in charge of our Primary Sponsored and planned Huge Ward Halloween Party this past Saturday. It is really a quarterly activity that by tradition has been turned into this massive event. I was at the church decorating for 3 days in a row, plus making posters, cakes, ballot boxes, and putting all those lovely last minute things together. It was on Saturday – went great! (Until our Primary Secretary slipped on a potatoe peel and injured her knee badly)

*As primary President we also, in such a timely way, have the big Primary Program. I can’t complain about it because my counselor is planning it, the SAINT! But I still feel stressed about it!

*I am getting CPR certified next week at a hospital. One more thing to find a babysitter for.

*My mom is driving up for 4 hours tomorrow to watch my kids while I do a 2 day very long workshop for PT cert. You gotta love moms!!!!

*Not that this is an excuse for me, but I thought it added to the craziness - Brian's school was under heavy security because there was a shooting threat for today - Halloween. GREAT!

*I just went to the hospital from a referral from my OB GYN that something might be very wrong (unrelated to the next item)– and THANKFULLY everything is OK. Radiology tests showed nothing!!!

*OH YEAH, I am pregnant with # 3. Sorry for family members especially we haven’t told – we haven’t really told anyone. I am due in May and it was VERY MUCH planned.

So, sorry fellow bloggers for my absence in the blogger world. I am returning!! I won't neglect commenting on your blogs. AND I'll be sure to post some upbeat Halloween pictures next year - just kidding, in a couple of days.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

my first experience with photoshop

Can you tell what I did to change/fix this picture?
If its not really obvious we will use it in our Christmas cards. My dad, who LOVES photography, took this pic -he takes our Christmas pics every year.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


My take on THE OFFICE:

Angela and Dwight – yes I love that the two believers of office tyranny are having some relationship troubles. It does add a dose of realism to their secret relationship. The cat named GARBAGE was a GREAT replacement for Sprinkles. I would LOVE a cat that can kill a family of raccoons J

Toby the HR guy: PROPS to Toby for delivering a PDA memo – and having it be interpreted as a way to “Congratulate” Pam and Jim. That one MADE my day!

Pam and Jim: Yes they are together. Yes it was a LITTLE anticlimactic for me. Yes, I think they can do fun things with it. Yes, I felt bad for Ryan for hitting on Pam in front of Jim. Yes, I am hoping they don’t elaborate on the intimate part of their relationship. I prefer, at this point, to think of them as PURE. I don’t want my bubble burst.

Ryan: What did he mean when he told Jan, “You really let yourself go!” ?????? Was that referring to her letting her looks and poise go? Was that referring to the whole “Work life” thing? Someone clarify! And I am warming up to his beard. They had to do SOMETHING to make the kid look older. Brian and I LOVED that Andy started “ATTACKING” him and he was stopped by someone saying, “Oh, NO, he wasn’t here for that! No Attacking!” That part is particularly funny to rewind over and over again.

Kelli – PLEASE find someone else. Its getting painful. Maybe Toby - that would be the weirdest relationship ever...

Michael – I hope he gets back his turtles and learns not to turn into rivers. “DON’T YELL AT ME!” was a great line before driving into the river. And did he HAVE to beg for that basket...again...PAINFUL to watch - but hilarious of course.

I personally prefer the plot lines WORK related with personal fabric woven in, instead of reversed, which to ME are never quite a funny.

OUR FAVORITE EPISODE OF ALL TIME: Season III: Competing for Boss Games on the river bank. We died laughing for 30 minutes straight. We still cry laugh every time we joke about Andy floating down the river calling to Angela for help. And calling out in the dark, "Hello, my name is Andy, I'm with a group called Dundler Mifflin!!.....", while floating by the bank in the sumo wrestling outfit. LOL! OK, BREATHE!!!


Thanks Andrea for this cute idea!

My husband...

What is his name? Brian McLaughlin Wayne

How long have you been together? We started going out November of 1994. I was Brian’s first kiss. We dated on and off until we got engaged 4 days after my mission in 2000. (We broke up 3 times in between)

Who eats more? When we were first married we divided everything EXACTLY down the middle – everything was 50/50. Now he generally eats more than me…although bust out those thanksgiving pies and WATCH OUT. As my father-n-law affectionately tells me, “GIRL, you can PACK IT DOWN!”

Who said I love you first? He did. We were both 17 and it was Christmas Day. AHH, that was a GREAT Christmas!

Who is taller? Brian is by nearly 1 foot. Yeah, and people wonder why I wear “tall shoes.”

Who sings better? Brian is an excellent singer - he comes from a very musical family. I love it when we do duets. Our latest, “A Way Back into Love” from the movie “Music and Lyrics.”

Who is smarter? We both are in totally different ways. Brian is in dealing with Teenagers (hence, he is regarded as a gifted teacher) and Sports – he know ALL the stats of ….everything! Me – emotionally, financially.

Whose temper is worse? A temper? I have only HEARD OF Brian yelling…to his class at school. I could hardly picture it. I guess the answer is me then.

Who does the laundry? I for sure do more loads of wash, but he helps with the folding. He does all his own ironing – what a stud!

Who pays the bills? I pay the bills with mostly HIS money :)

Who mows the lawn? We have an unspoken agreement: he does the lawn, and I do the (rather large) garden.

Who cooks dinner? If Brian cooks, we have tuna melts – pretty good ones too. If I cook, which is most the time, we have anything and everything – half are inventions.

Who is more stubborn? Hmm, that’s a hard one —me.

Who asked whom out? He asked me out first, but I had another date and shamefully told him I had to fill out college applications because I didn’t wan’t him to think I liked someone else. We decided to rain date it to two days later at my house. I did admit my lie to him later…he took it pretty well. He’s forever the understanding and forgiveable guy!

Who kissed whom first: He kissed me…but I framed him into doing it.

Who wears the pants in the family? He does, except when I do.

Who is more wonderful, good-looking, kind, generous, patient, understanding, athletic, talented and just overall amazing? BRIAN!?! AND LUCKY FOR ME, HE’S STILL THE ONE I KISS GOODNIGHT!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

DEMOLITION!! we will miss you

This post will mostly be appreciated by those who have been to Nauvoo since the temple was built. The visitor centor across the street, affectionately known as the Joseph Smith Academy (JSA) was demolished as of a couple of days ago. Here are some pictures:

Our cast at the pageant was the last to dwell in its quarters. There was an AUCTION held there they auctioned off EVERYTHING you could possible imagine. A couple items of interest:

bowling alley - $2000
iron gate fence- $10000
200 folding chairs - went to Warsaw highschool, undisclosed sum
Stage curtains
furniture - $150
beds - went to boarding school
toilets and MUCH MORE

It ALL was sold.

THE RUMOR: Since the drafty former monestary JSA was very uneconomical to run and very inefficient (no air-conditioning, etc) they are tearing this down and building several small buildings on the same lot in its stead.

Including (and this is from a good source)
A new Visitor Center
OFfices for Nauvoo Restoration (NRI)
Smaller Condos or other Dwellings
An Auditorium

Enjoy these pics. To put everything into perspective - the temple is behind and to the left of the structure being torn down. Thanks to Greg for passing along these photos!