Thursday, October 04, 2007


Thanks Andrea for this cute idea!

My husband...

What is his name? Brian McLaughlin Wayne

How long have you been together? We started going out November of 1994. I was Brian’s first kiss. We dated on and off until we got engaged 4 days after my mission in 2000. (We broke up 3 times in between)

Who eats more? When we were first married we divided everything EXACTLY down the middle – everything was 50/50. Now he generally eats more than me…although bust out those thanksgiving pies and WATCH OUT. As my father-n-law affectionately tells me, “GIRL, you can PACK IT DOWN!”

Who said I love you first? He did. We were both 17 and it was Christmas Day. AHH, that was a GREAT Christmas!

Who is taller? Brian is by nearly 1 foot. Yeah, and people wonder why I wear “tall shoes.”

Who sings better? Brian is an excellent singer - he comes from a very musical family. I love it when we do duets. Our latest, “A Way Back into Love” from the movie “Music and Lyrics.”

Who is smarter? We both are in totally different ways. Brian is in dealing with Teenagers (hence, he is regarded as a gifted teacher) and Sports – he know ALL the stats of ….everything! Me – emotionally, financially.

Whose temper is worse? A temper? I have only HEARD OF Brian yelling…to his class at school. I could hardly picture it. I guess the answer is me then.

Who does the laundry? I for sure do more loads of wash, but he helps with the folding. He does all his own ironing – what a stud!

Who pays the bills? I pay the bills with mostly HIS money :)

Who mows the lawn? We have an unspoken agreement: he does the lawn, and I do the (rather large) garden.

Who cooks dinner? If Brian cooks, we have tuna melts – pretty good ones too. If I cook, which is most the time, we have anything and everything – half are inventions.

Who is more stubborn? Hmm, that’s a hard one —me.

Who asked whom out? He asked me out first, but I had another date and shamefully told him I had to fill out college applications because I didn’t wan’t him to think I liked someone else. We decided to rain date it to two days later at my house. I did admit my lie to him later…he took it pretty well. He’s forever the understanding and forgiveable guy!

Who kissed whom first: He kissed me…but I framed him into doing it.

Who wears the pants in the family? He does, except when I do.

Who is more wonderful, good-looking, kind, generous, patient, understanding, athletic, talented and just overall amazing? BRIAN!?! AND LUCKY FOR ME, HE’S STILL THE ONE I KISS GOODNIGHT!


Andrea said...

Cute list. Yep, Nate and I were high school sweethearts just like you and your hubby. I love your story. I also really liked hearing about the gifted teacher your husband is--that's awesome. He teaches science, right? I wish I had a good science teacher in high school!

Cami said...

Very nice. I'd do it if I didn't just do a hubby list . . . he irons?? Wow. Jake gets his shirt a little wet and throws it in the dryer til the wrinkles are pretty much gone.

Darcie said...

what nice compliments to your great husband. I wish I knew him better, I think I only met him once. LOVE that you can pack it down :)!

janet said...

How sweet! Brian is such a great guy! Love that he wears the pants except when you do.... cute post.