Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We are alive!

In response to Darcie’s comment, “Are you Alive? Update your blog!” I thought I should pick myself up from one of the craziest past 3 weeks ever. A brief synopsis:

*I decided 3 weeks ago to get my NASM Personal Trainer certification – and I have to complete the course by Dec 17 and test on it – stress!

*After a freak email I sent to Julie Tupler, author of “Lose your Mummy Tummy” (and founder of the technique I have been teaching for two years with my PT sister) we are in direct communication with her frequently and she is planning to open up a facility in Chicago with us as the lead instructors. Enter 8 week home study program and 5 day New York trip to train with her (after January please- no more at this point!)

*I was in charge of our Primary Sponsored and planned Huge Ward Halloween Party this past Saturday. It is really a quarterly activity that by tradition has been turned into this massive event. I was at the church decorating for 3 days in a row, plus making posters, cakes, ballot boxes, and putting all those lovely last minute things together. It was on Saturday – went great! (Until our Primary Secretary slipped on a potatoe peel and injured her knee badly)

*As primary President we also, in such a timely way, have the big Primary Program. I can’t complain about it because my counselor is planning it, the SAINT! But I still feel stressed about it!

*I am getting CPR certified next week at a hospital. One more thing to find a babysitter for.

*My mom is driving up for 4 hours tomorrow to watch my kids while I do a 2 day very long workshop for PT cert. You gotta love moms!!!!

*Not that this is an excuse for me, but I thought it added to the craziness - Brian's school was under heavy security because there was a shooting threat for today - Halloween. GREAT!

*I just went to the hospital from a referral from my OB GYN that something might be very wrong (unrelated to the next item)– and THANKFULLY everything is OK. Radiology tests showed nothing!!!

*OH YEAH, I am pregnant with # 3. Sorry for family members especially we haven’t told – we haven’t really told anyone. I am due in May and it was VERY MUCH planned.

So, sorry fellow bloggers for my absence in the blogger world. I am returning!! I won't neglect commenting on your blogs. AND I'll be sure to post some upbeat Halloween pictures next year - just kidding, in a couple of days.


Aimee Stewart said...

Holy Moly, Bondage! You are super busy! Congrats on the pregnancy!

Cami said...


It sounds like you are WAY too busy for a woman in her first trimester. Looks like we are due at the same time! I have been saying no to everything, whilst you have been taking over the world. So good luck with that. :) Congrats!

The Jones Family said...

I was WONDERING where you went!!! CONGRATS on the baby!! but I think you need to take a breather. we are working on #3 too. I know it's soon...but what they hay! lol

oh and I'm STILL curious as to what photo shopping you did to that family photo (previous blog).

janet said...

sounds like you are keeping a little busy.... girl, you need to slow down! Congrats on baby #3! Very exciting.

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Jessica - you are so funny. Brian was closing his eyes in that picture, but it was the only one that looked good of the kids (or somewhat normal) so we cut off his head from another pic and pasted it on. When we scanned it, there was a huge black line going around his head and through his neck where we pasted on the new head. So - there you go!

and Cami - I didn't find a really appropriate place to comment this on your blog - nor do I know if its totally common knowledge so I will tell you here - CONGRATS ON #3. I am dying to know your due date.

Cami said...

Bonnie, we really are close! I'm due the 17th, which probably means I'll be induced on the 9th or so. We don't so much wait for labor anymore. :)

terica said...

Congrats bonnie...we are expecting baby #3 too! Oh wait, no we aren't. Just wanted to give you a little shock. Good job with the photoshopping. I couldn't tell. When are you due?

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Yeah - I guess I should add when I am due huh - I am due May 15th :)

Anonymous said...


Wow. Congrats on #3 and all of your other exciting plans with your certification and whatnot. All very exciting stuff. Hang in there - I'm sure you'll make it through!

Much love to you,

Johanna said...

Amigaza...Felicidades por su nuevo baby. Me gusta ser el único comentario en español.
you have a lovely family...
Johanna Ureta.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bonnie! Your #3 is my #1 (May 6). Glad to know we'll have some kids the same age. :)

Darcie said...

Wahoo! Babies! Congrats on #3. And congrats on surviving the last 3 weeks! You're forgiven for your long absence from blogging :).

Francine said...

WOW! I got tired just reading about all that has been consuming your life! Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family. What an awesome opportunity with Julie Tupler. That's really cool. Looking forward to more updates.

Mindy said...

Congrats! Good thing you're getting this all done before #3. Actually, I don't know how you're doing it now...usually it's right now you feel the yuckiest. Good luck!