Tuesday, August 29, 2006


So, Nauvoo was fun - my parents were in the Joseph Smith Pageant there. Even though this pic is a bit blurry - it shoes my mom's cute costume.
Here is my mom's side of the family with us!Brooke is in her phase of sleeping in weird places - like this doll crib...yeah doesn't look too comfortable to me! I watch Abby, my neice, a couple of days a week - her and Tyler play side by side - their cute together!

And lest I forget, here are some pics of my bro n law coming home from Brazil on the 9th with the fam.

A Fiji Sister in our ward made this lei for Mark
- it took here 11 hours!!

And I can't forget going to see the Bear's practice. And YES we are really good friends with a couple of these guys - what can I say? We are cool people! In fact, one of the players, Gabe Reed, was our upstairs neighbor in Provo!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So the Waynes now have a blog- COOL! AUGUST has been ONE crazy month!!!! We have been "blessed" to have a "not dull" life the past couple weeks.

Brian's Grandpa Wayne passes away
Brian's brother Mark get back from Mission to Brazil
Brians Sister Beth and her husband Shawn and family move to Nevada
Family Reunion (sort of) in Nauvoo Illinois with the "Wright" side of the family

Well, update on us- Brian is starting his masters any day, as well as teaching high school and working Saturdays at Texas Roadhouse (a restaurant). I am doing LOTS of stuff to make ends meet - Herbalife, Ebay, Amazon, Mini Day Care, and My sis (Physical Therapist) and I teach a class on how to close your diastisis when you are postpartum or prepare body and keep splitting of stomach muscles to a minimum (as well as alleviate back pain, etc). We teach at the Park District - its called "How to Lose your Mummy Tummy: The Tupler Technique" (also a well known book).

And Brian and I won a trip to Cancun on the radio (similar to KSL 1160) - so we went this past June and saw Mayan Ruins and stuff. Talk about NEAT. We loved the Mayan Ruins - as much as you can LOVE something when its 95 degrees and 105% humidity. I don't know how those people lived in that kind of jungle and heat - hats off to them.

I LOVED snorkeling - Brian...not so much. He left his immortal deposit of red cheeto vomit in the beautfil pristine ocean. But hey, we had a great time. I told Brian its his turn to win one next - when he does that will be our next vacation. Actually we want to go to SLC next year hopefully, and also hopefully be in the Nauvoo pageant with some of my fam next year. If anyone interested in something like that - let us know!

The kids are great!

Brooke is 3 1/2 - she is taking totnastics and loves to follow daddy around EVERYWHERE. She loves to put on mommy's shoes and daddy's belts. She loves to sleep in weird places - daddy's leg, doll crib, pack n play...etc. She LOVES winnies the pooh, puzzles, games, books, painting and TYLER and all her COUSINS.

Tyler will be a year in September.

He is a good natured, frequently roughed up with love from older Sister Brooke.
He loves to crawl fast when upset. He loves peaches - the kid could eat bushels of them, and he LOVES to take baths. Aside from his frequent gasps, he sounds deleriously happy when in there with toys and the water. He loves to kiss mommy- sometimes very teethy kisses. As he only has a tuft on his left side, we will be doing the comeover method soon, familiar with many hairline challenged individuals.