Tuesday, August 29, 2006


So, Nauvoo was fun - my parents were in the Joseph Smith Pageant there. Even though this pic is a bit blurry - it shoes my mom's cute costume.
Here is my mom's side of the family with us!Brooke is in her phase of sleeping in weird places - like this doll crib...yeah doesn't look too comfortable to me! I watch Abby, my neice, a couple of days a week - her and Tyler play side by side - their cute together!

And lest I forget, here are some pics of my bro n law coming home from Brazil on the 9th with the fam.

A Fiji Sister in our ward made this lei for Mark
- it took here 11 hours!!

And I can't forget going to see the Bear's practice. And YES we are really good friends with a couple of these guys - what can I say? We are cool people! In fact, one of the players, Gabe Reed, was our upstairs neighbor in Provo!

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Anonymous said...

Bonnie, you look like alicia in this pic :>