Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Pregnancy updates

So about this time (2 weeks to go) everyone starts asking all the questions

What are you going to name the baby? ITS NOT HALLE

Boy or Girl? GIRL

Are you getting an epidural? NO

Baby measuring big or small? SMALL- NORMAL…but I feel HUGE



Are you all ready? YEP – as of today – I finished sewing the last of the bedding – the ruffle skirt. I finished the bumpers last week. We washed all the carseat covers, swing covers, cleaned out the carseat and swing and other things we saw. We are just delaying putting up the cradle…for space reasons. I just need to pack that overnight bag...

How are you delivering? EVER HEAR OF A WATER BIRTH?


Who will deliver the baby? A MIDWIFE

Are you ready? FINALLY YES

Are you excited? YES- I AM NOW

Is the baby in a good position? YES – HEAD DOWN

Are you nervous about no drugs – YOU COULD DEFINITELY SAY THAT!


What is the exact due date? May 14th or 15th

I think those are all the conceivable questions I have been asked. I feel that I am good to go!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So, this past week was fun – so GLAD its over.

I was in charge of the activity for Primary the past two time (we usually rotate as a presidency) since the counselor that WAS in charge moved very suddenly. I have to say the name of the activity was very cute


I challenge anyone to say that 3 times fast.

It was an activity centered on Monson’s life – to get to know him. WE did relay races that represented his life – missionary clothing, scouting clothing, and newspapers (as he worked with Deseret Newspaper for years). We did a memory game with all the new apostles, and had the kids color a 6 page picture biography with fun tidbits about his life.

AND we only had healthy food, since the majority of apostles (at least this was true as of the Nauvoo Temple Dedication, which I found out from the caterer) are on VERY strict diets. Many of them are on “no salt, no sugar” orders. So we had strawberries, apples, cheese, crackers, and cinnamon bagels (not TOTALLy healthy on the last one, but, ya know)

I must admit, I was a little surprised that being 9 mo. Pregnant I was left ALONE to set up ABOUT 85 CHAIRS, AND 7 TABLES, AND 2 LARGE CHALKBOARDS, AND TAPE ARROWS AND NUMBERS ON THE GROUND. At one point I think I even shoved a table over in frustration (ahh….the joys of pregnancy irritation!) to which point I help arrived.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


So how do you dig the NEW LOOK?

Thanks Aimee for the heads up on the cute blog background link. Several of my friends have gone the "cute blog" route and I was finally ready to take on the challenge.

Here is shout out for the link:

It was free :)

I think I will adjust this every season - just for kicks and giggles.


So due some very recent complications with this pregnancy (I have never had ANY complication was any of my previous pregnancies nor this one until 2 weeks ago) I have decided to do the cardinal sin. I switched Doctors totally at 36 ½ weeks pregnant.

I have something called Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction. This means that the actual pubic bone has separated – and it is very painful. I noticed it of all things after chopping down Ivy in our Garden. That was the pinpoint day. Basically you try not to do anything with your legs other than keep them together. Climbing Stairs is horrible, the typical birth position is very horrible – it means it can make the condition worse and you can have it way postpartum. You are not supposed to have an epidural (I REALLY enjoyed those for Brooke and Tyler) because then you can’t feel your bodies threshold of pain to prevent a further separation of the pubic bone called a pubic bone diastasis…AND you are typically in a position for labor with an epidural that WILL make the position worse with an epidural. A regular OB GYN will generally say “go on bedrest, take IB Profin, good luck” but that is not the best approach - if you can even call it an approach.

Chiropractors who are trained in something called the Webster Technique generally have great success with this. Also, giving birth on all fours is the ideal position you want. SO I decided to go with pretty much the ONLY midwives in the entire CHicagoland area. Sadly – there are VERY LIMITED choices in terms of alternative birth styles, methods, and midwives. In fact, the midwives here told us Chicago is very behind with these things so much that they are behind Nebraska in limited options and methods. You wouldn’t think that being such a big city – but there you go. It takes me at least 1 hour to get to the practice.

I feel guilty actually switching docs this late in the game…but my sister keeps telling me I can’t feel guilty about that. They got paid on all my visits etc – they just don’t offer what I need at this point…nor does the hospital I would have gone to.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My cousin made it to Hollywood in American Idol - where was I?!?!

So my cousin Shawn - Spanish Fork, UT - made it to Hollywood Week in American Idol and I had NO idea. I watched very spottily during the beginning of this maybe that is part of it. I actually found out via an email from BYU about the comings and goings and saw Shawn doing a concert there and talking about his American Idol experience. Here he tells some highlight happenings! Go Shawn!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Georgia Brown Rare High Notes

This video is CRAZY. I was trying to google to find Mariah Carey's vocal range last night and came across this video (motivation from American Idol). UM- HELLO!!!! This is just insane. Its been reported from the Guiness Book of World Records her range is G2 to G10(measured in MegaHertz since its inaudible to the human ear).

Sunday, April 13, 2008


So maybe its that I am 8 months pregnant, or maybe its because I just lost my 2nd counselor in Primary (who failed to plan the Quarterly Activity in 2 weeks and didn’t let me know she MOVED…I found out last week during General Conf.) or maybe its because our building had NO HEAT today, which made it 45 degrees in the building (we all wore coats to sacrament and classes) or maybe its because Brooke was following me trotting like HORSE during primary while all the other kids were being (semi) reverant, but I LOST MY TEMPER (a little) during closing exercises.

I had just stepped on Brooke’s shoe, because she was acting like a silent horse following me around, and she burst out crying as I was doing closing announcement, AS a cute 7 year old boy came up to the front and started taking flyers out of my hand, AS about 3 other kids barked out questions in very loud voices.

No, no fireworks or colorful display of words, but I did say with clenched teeth, “DON’T ASK ME ANYMORE QUESTIONS...and go SIT DOWN!”

As we did VIP, I purposefully whispered softer than normal (a tactic that makes the primary kids HUSHED with anticipation as to WHO it will be) but I must admit - it was softer than most human ears could perceive – and I was NOT SORRY that I was making them STRAIN to hear every utterance.

I just have to tell myself that if I happen to get secret delight in making them ooze with curiosity, that it is no crime. And when I come close to losing it in those WEAK moments, when I am otherwise a very kind understanding figure (at least I tell myself that) then I just remember a precious story as I sat in primary several years ago as a teacher.

The Primary Pres. Then had herself lost it a little and yelled, “EVERYONE…JUST…BE QUIET!!!! JUST BE QUIET!!!”

A 7 year old boy’s eye’s got as wide as saucers and he looked very VERY concerned as he VERY SINCERELY asked, “…or what? WE’LL EXPLODE?!?!?”

Its in moments such as these that I think to myself, “If only I could elicit SUCH a question!!!”

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ok - that was definitely the most uncomfortable dinner party ever. That break definitely did the writers good. Here are some of my favorite moments:

"Do you have any idea the toll on the body it takes to have THREE vasectomies?"-Michael

"I can’t prove it, but I think Jan is trying to poison me." -Michael

Michael: "Clue: Rhymes with Parnold Portzenager…. Governor of Caleefornia…. The Terminator….

Angela: Can you be more clear? We NEED better clues."

Jim: "You’re Dwight’s babysitter? I just have SO many questions. Can I get your email address?"

Babysitter: "Email?"

Jim: "Nevermind."

I also savored the moment when Jan put on the CD and Andy chimed in with a "La La" while everyone else looked very uncomfortable.

There were MANY more - these are just the few I thought of while brushing my teeth and laughing!!


Tami teaching the Lose your Mummy Tummy Seminar.

TAmi and I in front of the Manhattan Temple.

Tami and I with her old mission comp and her
roommate. They treated us to dinner.

This is the real Statue of Liberty, right?
We saw Legally Blonde and Curtains.
Legally Blonde was much more exciting, but if you have seen the movie, even the PUNCHLINES are the same (they would just say "tangerine" instead of "orange" and "Beyonce" instead of "Cameron Diaz" for example) Good music though.

A little inside Joke from Freshman year at BYU. Sarah, do you recognize what we are doing???

Melissa is was so good to see you! She lives
about a block away from Times Square. She is
busy being an actress and a yoga instructor for
people like Uma Thurman and Mary Louise Parker!
She was one of the infamous Sexy Six group we
formed as freshman! It had been 7 years since we had
seen each other. I love catching up with great friends!

Standing in line to TRY to win tickets to Wicked in the Lottery they do every night

Meeting up with friends from BYU - Jake and Cami Turpin. They happened to be seeing Wicked the same night we waited in line. And of course we PLANNED to bump into each other. It had been like 7 years. Cami and I are due within a few days of each other. It was so fun to see you guys!

Hanging out at Wicked.

We mostly taught Maternal fitness classes - we saw LOTS and LOTS of pregnant ladies - so Tami and I fit right in. She is due in July, I am due May 14th.

Teaching at the studio while under "jury"

With Julie - the founder of the Tupler Technique.
Meeting her was MUCH more palatable than the
training was. The day we came in Dr. OZ had
contacted her about being on his Radio Show.
For all my preggo friends, her book "Maternal
Fitness" is the BEST book to read while pregnant
to prepare for labor, close your diastasis which
makes pushing more effective, and learn how to
retain muscle memory to get into your body faster
after labor.

Monday, April 07, 2008


I was awakened by the cutest little scene this morning:

Tyler comes in at 7:30 to wake me up and says “Mommy, my toast is ready.”

As I came to my senses I thought – how is his toast ready if I am in bed.

I came into the kitchen to see that Brooke had found our toaster in a bottom cabinet, lifted the 10 lb appliance to the counter pulled up a kitchen table chair to the counter and plugged the toaster in. Whereby she fetched the bread out of the fridge and retrieved two slices – one for her and one for Tyler. She climbed up the chair again and put them in, and pressed the level and toasted them until the perfect browness. She took them out of the toaster and put them on a large plate she retrieved from a high cupboard. She also got out two small kids plates – one for her and one for Tyler. After they were on the big plate, she put each piece of toast on the kids plate.

I asked her, “Did you make toast for you and Tyler?”

She replied very perkily and extremely proud, “YES, I CAN DO THINGS BY MYSELF NOW!!” Then she thought about a millisecond and said, “I AM GOING TO MAKE MY BED NOW BY MYSELF.” And she left her uneaten piece of toast and skipped off to her room to make her bed.

I just marveled about how cute the whole thing was.

Just a day before, we had gone over to Grandma and Grandpa Wayne’s house to meet and walk over to get Dairy Queen with Brooke and Tyler's 3 cousins that live a few blocks away. Granma and Grandpa had offered to get something for each of the kids under $2. After we did that the kids and their 2 cousins were playing with the large dollhouse Grandpa had cleaned off and fixed up and had then glued together all the furniture. He had spend a lot of time getting everything ready for the kids to enjoy.

After playing for a few minutes Brooke looked very concerned and said to Grandpa, “But Grandpa, where is the front door?”

He replied, “Oh, I have been putting things together and spending all this time cleaning it…Grandpa has been busy.”

That did not satisfy her, “But Grandpa, where is the front door?”

Again, he went into the long winded explanation of, “Grandpa has been busy cleaning everything and gluing the furniture together and I have taken all this time to get everything done. Grandpa has been trying hard!”

“Well,” Brooke says with certainty, “TRY HARDER!”

From the mouth of babes!