Saturday, April 19, 2008


So due some very recent complications with this pregnancy (I have never had ANY complication was any of my previous pregnancies nor this one until 2 weeks ago) I have decided to do the cardinal sin. I switched Doctors totally at 36 ½ weeks pregnant.

I have something called Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction. This means that the actual pubic bone has separated – and it is very painful. I noticed it of all things after chopping down Ivy in our Garden. That was the pinpoint day. Basically you try not to do anything with your legs other than keep them together. Climbing Stairs is horrible, the typical birth position is very horrible – it means it can make the condition worse and you can have it way postpartum. You are not supposed to have an epidural (I REALLY enjoyed those for Brooke and Tyler) because then you can’t feel your bodies threshold of pain to prevent a further separation of the pubic bone called a pubic bone diastasis…AND you are typically in a position for labor with an epidural that WILL make the position worse with an epidural. A regular OB GYN will generally say “go on bedrest, take IB Profin, good luck” but that is not the best approach - if you can even call it an approach.

Chiropractors who are trained in something called the Webster Technique generally have great success with this. Also, giving birth on all fours is the ideal position you want. SO I decided to go with pretty much the ONLY midwives in the entire CHicagoland area. Sadly – there are VERY LIMITED choices in terms of alternative birth styles, methods, and midwives. In fact, the midwives here told us Chicago is very behind with these things so much that they are behind Nebraska in limited options and methods. You wouldn’t think that being such a big city – but there you go. It takes me at least 1 hour to get to the practice.

I feel guilty actually switching docs this late in the game…but my sister keeps telling me I can’t feel guilty about that. They got paid on all my visits etc – they just don’t offer what I need at this point…nor does the hospital I would have gone to.


Cami said...

Wow. That sounds horrible. Good luck with your midwives and delivery!

Aimee said...

Bonnie! That's pretty scary, and it sounds very painful. Good luck to you, poor thing!

Andrea said...

Best wishes with this whole thing! I think you're brave to make the change, but know what is best for yourself!