Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So, this past week was fun – so GLAD its over.

I was in charge of the activity for Primary the past two time (we usually rotate as a presidency) since the counselor that WAS in charge moved very suddenly. I have to say the name of the activity was very cute


I challenge anyone to say that 3 times fast.

It was an activity centered on Monson’s life – to get to know him. WE did relay races that represented his life – missionary clothing, scouting clothing, and newspapers (as he worked with Deseret Newspaper for years). We did a memory game with all the new apostles, and had the kids color a 6 page picture biography with fun tidbits about his life.

AND we only had healthy food, since the majority of apostles (at least this was true as of the Nauvoo Temple Dedication, which I found out from the caterer) are on VERY strict diets. Many of them are on “no salt, no sugar” orders. So we had strawberries, apples, cheese, crackers, and cinnamon bagels (not TOTALLy healthy on the last one, but, ya know)

I must admit, I was a little surprised that being 9 mo. Pregnant I was left ALONE to set up ABOUT 85 CHAIRS, AND 7 TABLES, AND 2 LARGE CHALKBOARDS, AND TAPE ARROWS AND NUMBERS ON THE GROUND. At one point I think I even shoved a table over in frustration (ahh….the joys of pregnancy irritation!) to which point I help arrived.

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Cami said...

Oooooh, I am mad with you about having to set up the chairs and tables. That is horrible. Last time I was given too much to do at an activity, I was a total monster. Sounds like you pulled off a good activity!