Sunday, April 13, 2008


So maybe its that I am 8 months pregnant, or maybe its because I just lost my 2nd counselor in Primary (who failed to plan the Quarterly Activity in 2 weeks and didn’t let me know she MOVED…I found out last week during General Conf.) or maybe its because our building had NO HEAT today, which made it 45 degrees in the building (we all wore coats to sacrament and classes) or maybe its because Brooke was following me trotting like HORSE during primary while all the other kids were being (semi) reverant, but I LOST MY TEMPER (a little) during closing exercises.

I had just stepped on Brooke’s shoe, because she was acting like a silent horse following me around, and she burst out crying as I was doing closing announcement, AS a cute 7 year old boy came up to the front and started taking flyers out of my hand, AS about 3 other kids barked out questions in very loud voices.

No, no fireworks or colorful display of words, but I did say with clenched teeth, “DON’T ASK ME ANYMORE QUESTIONS...and go SIT DOWN!”

As we did VIP, I purposefully whispered softer than normal (a tactic that makes the primary kids HUSHED with anticipation as to WHO it will be) but I must admit - it was softer than most human ears could perceive – and I was NOT SORRY that I was making them STRAIN to hear every utterance.

I just have to tell myself that if I happen to get secret delight in making them ooze with curiosity, that it is no crime. And when I come close to losing it in those WEAK moments, when I am otherwise a very kind understanding figure (at least I tell myself that) then I just remember a precious story as I sat in primary several years ago as a teacher.

The Primary Pres. Then had herself lost it a little and yelled, “EVERYONE…JUST…BE QUIET!!!! JUST BE QUIET!!!”

A 7 year old boy’s eye’s got as wide as saucers and he looked very VERY concerned as he VERY SINCERELY asked, “…or what? WE’LL EXPLODE?!?!?”

Its in moments such as these that I think to myself, “If only I could elicit SUCH a question!!!”


Aimee said...

You go girl. I mean, you didn't yell, you whispered! Nothin' wrong there! Sometimes kids need to know that you're serious, and I think you handled it very well.

Cami said...

Man! Our Primary was totally crazy yesterday. However, in those situations, we all pretty much just give up and yell over them. HA! Our Primary is totally huge (like 160 kids), so I think we just have to do our best and recognize that noise is part of the game. Ugh. I don't blame you for having a moment of weakness. Luckily, if it's not singing time, I just get the heck out of there during those times.