Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is SO Awesome!

Brooke has been VERY concerned about her BIG BIRTHDAY #6 this year.
It is a unicorn and pony theme, of course.
She picked out her perfect pony idea from off the internet – which we duplicated – and it was quite involved – we cut out a template, got pink cake spray to spray over the template and the decorate over it.

Some recent conversations about this process

“Mom that paper your drawing on has two lines. (I was eyeballing an enlargement of a coloring book picture and had to do it in two steps)
" It just doesn’t look very good. "

ME: “We are just going to spray the part we cut out, no one will see it. I am putting this piece of paper over the cake to spray (as I show her).

Brooke says dubiously, “I don’t think anyone will want to eat paper, “

Me, “No one will eat paper, we spray where the hole is.”

Brooke: Do you stay in the lines when you color?”


“Well, Mandy and Evie’s mom doesn’t.”

As I am cutting the template out, “Are you a good cutter?”

Me, “I would hope so, I have had 31 years to get it right.”

“I am too,”

(As I am taping parts of the template that need reinforcing) “Why are you taping that?”

“So this will be sturdy.”

“Sturdy? That wouldn’t be very good.”

Me: “I said STURDY not DIRTY.”

Brooke with a nervous giggle, “Oh, sometimes I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

It was Brooke’s turn for family prayers, “ Thank you that we can make my cake tomorrow”

“Thank you that we can spray the cake pink,”

“Thank you that I can help my mom do the cake tomorrow.”
So as we made and frosted the pony masterpiece today she said at least 9 times like a 13 year old, "This is SO awesome!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Building a house - pics

Here it is. I finally got myself organized enough to compile and combine my pictures to post on the progress of our house.

We are finally LETTING ourselves get excited. We were always EXCITED* (with an asterisk) because of the uncertainty of selling our other house, the impact and uncertainty of the bankruptcy of our builder, the craziness of the housing market and economy, living with Brian's parents for 6 months.

So even though most of the time it still seems like some far away idea since we don't get to see it much (70 minutes away) the pictures prove to us that it is actually a reality. I will post some inside ones soon.

You know this economy is tight when...

When ARIANNA HUFFINGTON buys your "cheapest price" book listed on amazon.

What book did she buy? A book on Godesses of all things.

I went to the post office today and the mail clerk Bob looked at the address and name and said, "Mailing to the rich and famous are we?"

I even checked out her profile on amazon - "just launched."
I guess thats what you have to resort to when your rich and famous on a financial diet.

So who is she exactly, my cute husband asks?

Here is Wikipedia's answer:

Arianna Huffington (born Arianna Stassinopoulos, 15 July 1950) is an American author and syndicated columnist. She is perhaps best known as founder of The Huffington Post.
In 2003 she ran as an independent candidate in the California recall election.

Godess books indeed!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


So I am launching a blog based on being fit, trim, healthy, beautiful, etc - focused on moms. It will be based on the exercises and techniques and tips I teach with supreme emphasis on moms.

I will also address questions I get asked by the women I teach, coach and train.

It will address questions on posture, pelvic floor, nutrition, back aches, myths, books, exercises specific for moms. We have to take care of ourselves so we have the strength to keep giving to others.

The blog address is listed on my blog and called


My sister has encouraged me to do this for awhile because I eat breathe and drink this stuff, as well as teach and train 4 times a week. I am a certified Personal Trainer, certified Maternal Fitness trainer, and am A.M.A. accredited in Nutrition.

So it is my passion and I will love to explore all sorts of topics and discussions.

I would love for you to follow along and post your comments along the way!
(Lets hope it goes better than my one-post "Lost" blog, which no one as far as I know ever visited.)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Babies Battle Bumblingly over Box

Kylie and her cousin Kaiya (Tami and Kevin's daughter) are destined to be great friends. But whose to say great friends can't have a bit of competition now and then.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What a time to win a free trip through Funjet Vacations on the radio to Puerto Vallarta Mexico!!

All expense paid, air travel, meals, hotel, etc.....BUT

since we are scrimping and saving for our downpayment, we can't afford the $197 per person taxes and surcharges to go.

So sadness.

We won a trip to Cancun on the same radio station 3 years ago from the same radio station. I am starting to wonder if I am the only one who enters these things. I go online to and enter all their contests. It is the only way we get to go to concerts and vacations and stuff since our budget is tight.

So alas, Puerto Vallarta, another year perhaps!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Presenting Kylie's Top Ten

Kyli is now 8 1/ 2 months. I FINALLY have done the whole picture editing and flash drive to the laptop thing to get these up.

She has some definite quirks that we find adorable.

Top 10 QUIRKS that we love:

10) She crawls straight for the fireplace and chows down when really sneaky, on the ashes and wood chips. We find her mouth, lips and teeth BLACK frequently when the SAFETY pillows blocking her way are removed.

9) She can babble, but chooses instead to sound like a dog in heat, or an injured defensive raccoon….we can’t decide which is more accurate. It resembles a growling grunting sound, that if it came out of another species, would frighten the living daylights out of any human.

8)Kyli is BELOW the charts on weight, since she has been crawling, so we are on "PLAN 21" – the goal to triple the birthweight (7 lbs) before she turns 1. She has been loving the generous helpings of baby appropriate food we put in front of her as finger food.

7) When she crawls, she goes pretty fast. However, if you tell her to go find “Grandma or Grandpa” she gets a burst and crawls at her baby lightening speed to go find them.

6) Kylie is a full fledged stalker, as her Grandpa calls her. She will follow the person of her choice for up to 30 minutes. She is like a faithful little puppy who wouldn’t dream of being parted from her master.

5) She has other puppy-like traits. She will put a shirt of toy in her mouth, and crawl quickly in the direction of the person she is stalking. Its like she is playing a one sided game of “catch.” We love this about her and think it is crazy and adorable. Oddly enough, her sister Brooke did the same thing.

4) Kylie sounds just like the "AFLAC duck" in the commercials. It sounds like “Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh” but in a quacking tone and timbre. Brian’s mom thinks we would make a fortune if we would get her dressed up cute and submit this into AFLAC as a marketing campaign.

3) Kylie is extremely flirtatious and laugh and smiles and flutters her big long black eyelashes and everyone with whom she wants attention. We are in trouble in about 12 years…

2)Kylie’s favorite toy, oddly, is a set of kids binoculars that fold up into a circle and are bright yellow with a bee on them. There is a long string around them which can be worn as a necklace by the child. She loves to carefully study it and analyze it and then suddenly, without warning, SHOVE it into her mouth with great intensity.

1) Kylie HATES her baths. Its almost the only time we see her cry. And she’s always #1 in our book!!