Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is SO Awesome!

Brooke has been VERY concerned about her BIG BIRTHDAY #6 this year.
It is a unicorn and pony theme, of course.
She picked out her perfect pony idea from off the internet – which we duplicated – and it was quite involved – we cut out a template, got pink cake spray to spray over the template and the decorate over it.

Some recent conversations about this process

“Mom that paper your drawing on has two lines. (I was eyeballing an enlargement of a coloring book picture and had to do it in two steps)
" It just doesn’t look very good. "

ME: “We are just going to spray the part we cut out, no one will see it. I am putting this piece of paper over the cake to spray (as I show her).

Brooke says dubiously, “I don’t think anyone will want to eat paper, “

Me, “No one will eat paper, we spray where the hole is.”

Brooke: Do you stay in the lines when you color?”


“Well, Mandy and Evie’s mom doesn’t.”

As I am cutting the template out, “Are you a good cutter?”

Me, “I would hope so, I have had 31 years to get it right.”

“I am too,”

(As I am taping parts of the template that need reinforcing) “Why are you taping that?”

“So this will be sturdy.”

“Sturdy? That wouldn’t be very good.”

Me: “I said STURDY not DIRTY.”

Brooke with a nervous giggle, “Oh, sometimes I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

It was Brooke’s turn for family prayers, “ Thank you that we can make my cake tomorrow”

“Thank you that we can spray the cake pink,”

“Thank you that I can help my mom do the cake tomorrow.”
So as we made and frosted the pony masterpiece today she said at least 9 times like a 13 year old, "This is SO awesome!"


Cami said...

Very nice cake! Good job. I would have given up mid-way through the questions and said, "You're just going to have to trust me." That happens a lot over here.

kelsey said...

Brooke is way cute! I love that girl! Too bad we aren't closer, I think Sophie and Brooke would have a ball together... Sophie is way into kitties and talked about her pink kitty cake for about two weeks before her birthday :)

Nicole said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly our children begin to think that we are incompetent? Kudos to you for handling it so well. If I were Brooke, I would take back the dig on her Aunt Kami - I'm sure she's playing a large role in the gifting buying for her birthday present :) !

Kasia said...

Maisy saw the picture of the cake and she got very excited. She says she wants to have that cake for her birthday. You've got the kid approval so Congrats! Hopefully in the end it's all worth it, right?! ;D