Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Building a house - pics

Here it is. I finally got myself organized enough to compile and combine my pictures to post on the progress of our house.

We are finally LETTING ourselves get excited. We were always EXCITED* (with an asterisk) because of the uncertainty of selling our other house, the impact and uncertainty of the bankruptcy of our builder, the craziness of the housing market and economy, living with Brian's parents for 6 months.

So even though most of the time it still seems like some far away idea since we don't get to see it much (70 minutes away) the pictures prove to us that it is actually a reality. I will post some inside ones soon.


Tami H. said...

Esta progresando rapidamente!!!!! WOW! Que emocionante!

kelsey said...

Two car garage... I'm so jealous! We haven't progressed to that yet... hopefully we can soon!