Tuesday, November 25, 2008

6 months ALREADY!!!!!

Kylianne Angel, very properly named, just turned 6 MONTHS. It feels like it should be 6 WEEKS, though. It has gone, of course, too fast already.

She is the only of our children that looks like one of her parents, in my opinion. She is the spitting image of Brian's baby pics.

She has BEAUTIFUL eyes and LONG LUSCIOUS eyelashes. (I am always glad when girls can inhereit an eyelash advantage).

She sleeps from 9:30 P.M. to 7 A.M. at night. I take it for granted sometimes, but I am LOVING this!

She is extremely good natured with all the pokings, prodings, teasings, hoverings, emotional smotherings she gets from her two other siblings. She takes it in stride and pretty much basks in the attention.

She really shows impatience if we take too long to feed her the oatmeal, greenbeans, rice, or milk. She squeals as if to say, "CHOP CHOP and get that spoon in my MOUTH!"

She is not sitting, doesn't seem interested. She does crawl. She is not superfast, but she can get across the room in about 7 minutes. Less if there is something dangerously intriguing lurking a few feet away.

We managed to break her of her finger-sucking habit, which I was worried about. We switched her over to a pacifier, which is more familiar territory for me.

She still nurses, but I pump for 5/6 of her feeding and give it to her with a bottle. Its MUCH fast for both of us, AND she likes to look around. I would much rather her look around with a BOTTLE than totally EXPOSE me in front of people!

She laughs and coos at everything we say or do.

She is extremely ticklish and loves to be tickled and lifted in the air. I do upward push ups with her for strength training. She loves it, and seeing her face is MUCH more rewarding than looking at the floor.

Tyler calls her "COWEE", Brooke calls her "Keeli" , I call her "Kyli" normally and "Kylianne" in those rare moments when she is crying, Brian calls her "Kyli" Grandpa calls her "Boo Boo."

WE feel so lucky that such a cute little soul is part of our family!

Potty Training Fiascoes

Ok, not really FIASCOES per se,
more like...things that make me laugh.

Tyler first of all has been doing awesome - and he SHOULD as I have waited so darn LONG to potty train the kid. He is 3+ - and my motivation is that he has to start preschool soon.

So, after he has some urinating vicotories, he goes to the kitchen to find Grandma Wayne (we are living with Brian's parents currently).

"Look, Grandma, its ORANGE" he ventured as he showed her his anatomy.

He pauses for a minute and adds matter of factly as he looks at his anatomy closer, "Its SMALL!!!"

Grandma and I just chuckled about the cute observations of a "potty-goer in training."

Hopefully he will keep these verbal comparison observations to a very, VERY small elite group of kin (as I share it with the blogosphere.)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


OK - so I consider myself fairly computer savvy - so how could this happen???? First of all, upon joining face book, I accidentally invited my whole address book like 4 times.

But that is not the embarrassing part…

Included in my contacts were:

Harrison Powley - my BYU 304 semi-crusty Music History teacher (probably in his mid 60s). - That probably looks REALLY bad…. (not to mention I graduated 6 years ago!)

A really creepy guy named Vic who was one of my business contacts 4 years ago. I REALLY don’t want to give any impression of RECONNECTING - YIKES!

The T.A. from my music history class from BYU- I probably have only talked with her in person about 3 times...about assignments no less. She must think I am REALLY desperate for friends!! HELLLOOOO!!!

Good Things Utah (the TV show about 1400 miles from me)

Somebody I met on a Baby Center Bulletin about 6 years ago - somehow she ended up on my contact list and I never deleted her. I probably exchanged online comments with her 3 times about diapers or something. She must ALSO think I am very hard pressed for FRIENDS! (because I am PRETTY DARN sure I made a such a big impression on her that she put me in HER contact list!)

The former Primary Chorister from my parents ward in Jacksonville, IL that no longer lives there. I probably have only talked with her about 2 times. I really have NO idea why she is on my CONTACT list…but she is probably confused as to why I invited her to face book… maybe she'll give me a highly anticipated PITY reply.

My current MORTAGE LENDER named Carol is on my CONTACT list and was invited to be friends with me 4 times on fact book. WHOOPS! I mean, she is nice and all….but I didn’t want to send her a FACEBOOK invite! Can you see how DESPERATE this might seem if you didn’t know??????

The REALTOR that we had for 4 weeks and CANCELLED our contract with because she wasn’t getting the job done got no less than FOUR INVITATIONS from me to be a friend on face book.

Some girl named Jessica that is a RECEPTIONIST at a Storage Unit Facility that we decided NOT to go with ALSO got FOUR INVITATIONS to be friends with me on my face book page - I mean REALLY!!!!

And LAST but not least, the JEWLER that we bought our wedding ring from in PROVO named Renee (male) also received the FOUR HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER INVITATIONS from me to be a friend on face book.

If ANY of these people said YES - I think I will just DIE OF HUMILIATION!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Tyler: Mom, I’m a smart guy. (couldn’t say it any better myself.)
Tyler: Every day, coming out of his nap, he opens the door, hold our both hands and puts his legs in a wide stance and proclaims, “I’M AWAKE!!!!!”
Tyler: Approaches mom while table is being set for dinner and starts crying, “What’s wrong?” says mom. “I’M HUNGRY!” (HELLLLOOOOOO! - this happens almost every single night)
Tyler: says to mom while his sister is at school., “Where’s my Brookie?”
Tyler: (the following happens every night) Hearing Kylianne cry at night, I come to check on her and hear Tyler tell me, “Mom, Kyli want the TOYS!” I look in the crib at the CRYING Kylianne, and see FOUR (sometimes more) different animals on her chest.
Tyler: Today as Kyli woke from her nap I came in to find Tyler’s very special blanket that he puts over his face at night (weird I know) alarmingly on top of Kyli’s face during her nap. Tyler had heard her crying and gave her his most prized possession in just the way HE likes it. So while it was an adorable gesture, it was also not a very safe gesture. Note to self: Handle this one carefully.


Brooke: (referencing her teacher) “Mrs Worman is SO BEAUTIFUL?

“What makes you say that?”

Thinks for a minute, and says matter of factly, “Mmm, because she has nice clothes.”

Brooke: Commenting while the school bus is pulling away and a little girl is waving goodbye at her, Brooke says happily, “ I sat by Grace today. She is my BEST FRIEND.”

Knowing she has a cousin in the same grade on the same bus at the very least I say, “How many best friends do you HAVE?"

Matter of Factly Brooke says, “Mmmm, about 20.”

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Sometimes I feel like we are the only ones,

but sometimes I feel SO POOR!!!

We are as middle class as they come, so why is it we have no extra money?

I feel totally strapped for money sometimes, but we are not the what the world would see as needy.

Case and point: After being thrashed by the extremely low price sale of our current house, we have to live with our beloved in laws for 6 months (bless their hearts) to save enough money for a downpayment on the house we are building. We are required to leave our washer and dryer in our current house, which means we will have NADA in our new house. Since every spare cent will go towards downpayment we will not have money to buy a washer and dryer. *SIGH OF STRESS* (Also , we are still college STUDENTS believe it or not. Brian is getting a 2nd Masters right now to work toward education administration).

A new family in our ward have a spare washer and dryer and offered them to anyone in the ward that needs it. It was seriously an answer to a prayer.

However, she tells us, " I was expecting to give it to a needier family."

We were a little stunned - at this point we cant even afford to go on a real date. Our date night was going on a walk last night for 1 1/2 hours. So this comment smarted a little.

What constitutes "needy" anyway? Do we HAVE to live in the ghetto to qualify????? SHEESH!