Sunday, November 02, 2008


Sometimes I feel like we are the only ones,

but sometimes I feel SO POOR!!!

We are as middle class as they come, so why is it we have no extra money?

I feel totally strapped for money sometimes, but we are not the what the world would see as needy.

Case and point: After being thrashed by the extremely low price sale of our current house, we have to live with our beloved in laws for 6 months (bless their hearts) to save enough money for a downpayment on the house we are building. We are required to leave our washer and dryer in our current house, which means we will have NADA in our new house. Since every spare cent will go towards downpayment we will not have money to buy a washer and dryer. *SIGH OF STRESS* (Also , we are still college STUDENTS believe it or not. Brian is getting a 2nd Masters right now to work toward education administration).

A new family in our ward have a spare washer and dryer and offered them to anyone in the ward that needs it. It was seriously an answer to a prayer.

However, she tells us, " I was expecting to give it to a needier family."

We were a little stunned - at this point we cant even afford to go on a real date. Our date night was going on a walk last night for 1 1/2 hours. So this comment smarted a little.

What constitutes "needy" anyway? Do we HAVE to live in the ghetto to qualify????? SHEESH!


Jean said...

I am right there with you girl! I was at Walmart and Target today and am crazy enough to have the thought of working nights through the holidays to get some extra $$. I don't know if I"ll actually do it, but the thought did occur. Being middle class(poor) sucks! We've never made so much money, and I've never felt so strapped in my life. Yuck!

Palomita said...

I'm so sorry! We have been there for most of our marriage. I've done more things on the "side" to bring in a little money for the "extras" than you can shake a stick at. I hope you let that sister know that you WERE needy! LOL!

The Jones Family said...

I hear you Bonnie! there's never any extra money!! we rarely go out on date night, cause I refuse to pay for a babysitter and then go drop 20 or 40 bucks on dinner and a movie. So our date night are walks usually too, actually last night we went out on a the polls!

We're house hunting, but we have to borrow the money for a down payment (long story)

One of my kids found my wedding ring in my jewelry box and it's lost now...probably forever and there's no way we could afford a new one...but I do need some kind of band...

Rocky'll be taking classes again soon, to get his teaching degree.

...sigh. I'm tired of struggling.

Cami said...

I guess needy means that you are wearing rags, or maybe that you don't own a home. Very silly. I'm glad you got it though!

Joseph said...

Santa Vaca!

More needy? Wow. I still can't believe people say things like that. I can relate with you all though growing up in my family. People always seemed to think that we were rich but in reality the house was a blessing. :D

I'm glad you all were able to get those though. The Lord really does look out for us.