Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Potty Training Fiascoes

Ok, not really FIASCOES per se,
more like...things that make me laugh.

Tyler first of all has been doing awesome - and he SHOULD as I have waited so darn LONG to potty train the kid. He is 3+ - and my motivation is that he has to start preschool soon.

So, after he has some urinating vicotories, he goes to the kitchen to find Grandma Wayne (we are living with Brian's parents currently).

"Look, Grandma, its ORANGE" he ventured as he showed her his anatomy.

He pauses for a minute and adds matter of factly as he looks at his anatomy closer, "Its SMALL!!!"

Grandma and I just chuckled about the cute observations of a "potty-goer in training."

Hopefully he will keep these verbal comparison observations to a very, VERY small elite group of kin (as I share it with the blogosphere.)

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