Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, it was very surreal, but we had our final walk-through of our cute house. Its ALL done - totally. The only things left to do are pour the driveway, and sod the house - which are the builder's job.

The weird part? We still don't move in for weeks. We take possession of the house on April 28th.

So, its all still surreal.

Meanwhile, we are still enjoying living with Brian's parents.

Its fun in lots of ways - always someone to converse ADULT conversations with. It usually tends to be about politics - and its lots of fun.

There is always someone to watch the kids if I have to run a quick errand.

There's always someone to watch a movie with if Brian has to work.

There is always someone to play a game with. Last night we played Scrabble with Brian's parents until 9:30.

I only cook the meals THREE nights a week. Brian's mom cooks FOUR nights a week - and she is a FABULOUS cook.

We always eat on time.

There is someone to back me up on discipline issues when Brian isn't home (which is MOST of the time - the boy is gone A LOT!)

There is always a "PAL" for the kids - Grandma and Grandpa - to give them extra hugs, or take them out to fly a kite or for a ride on the bike.

The cleaning chores are divided - its amazing how much less it feels like there is to do when I am not the ONLY one cleaning.

So, yes we are excited to move on and be on our own, BUT we sure do like the perks of living with Brian's parents and we will miss it. Do I sound crazy? We really LOVE living here!

Monday, March 23, 2009


So, its been awhile since I have posted on Tyler's asthma and his treatments we have been undergoing with NAET - and allergy elimination technique.

So, NOW EIGHT months later, Tyler is still off ALL SEVEN MEDICATIONS. It is GLORIOUS.

EXCEPT when we would go visit my parents house, wherein lives 2 cats. Well, we actually had to take fur samples from both cats, as well as saliva samples, and treat Tyler for them.

Also, Tyler was allergic to the dust at my parents house and other dust in general, so we had to accumulate samples of each of the rooms there.

He has "passed" the treatments and is doing very well.

He only has 5 of like 20 things, to go. He is now NO LONGER ALLERGIC to the following:

Eggs, Wheat, Corn, Shellfish, Vinegar, Cats, Dust, Pollen, Sugars, Food Additaves and Preseveratives, Feathers and a few others.

He still has to be treated for Mold, Trees, phenyls in plastics, Nitrates/nitrites and Radiation (I know - crazy)

But he showed before he got treated for each individual allergen that his histamine levels for all of the above were affected, as well as (SURPRISE) his lungs reacted to EVERYTHING.

I ran into another cute mom at the clinic today, and she told me that her 2 year old little boy has asthma and through NAET (allergy elimiation technique - was off of ALL of his meds as well.

It has made the HUGEST difference in our lives - and also in the health AND demeanor of our cute Tyler.

Friday, March 20, 2009


So, My new FAVORITE FAVORITE Game is called "Quelf." Have you ever played it? It is SO hilarious. I mean REALLY REALLY zany.
This is my brother in law Kevin. In this picture, during the game QUELF, he had to go run and construct SNORKELING gear with whatever materials he could find. But he couldn't tell anyone what he was doing. So all we see is him running, rustling in the kitchen, and he comes back with snorkeling gear made of SARAN WRAP and a SPOON.
He had to wear it for the rest of the game.

Also around his neck you will see TOILET PAPER. He had to, without telling us, go and put a pick of toilet paper around his neck, and also wear THAT the whole game.
That is just part of it. I picked a card that told me I could only communicate in GRUNTS and MOANS - it was called "the FRANKENSTEIN RULE."
If you cannot fulfil your requirements or you mess up, then you have to go back a set number of spaces on the board.
When somebody laughed, my father in law had to say to each person, "I COMMAND YOU TO BE SILENT!!" Which of course made us laugh MORE!
My brother in law Chris, had to find an object to be his MASCOT and give it a cute name, and keep by him the entire game. He chose a BOTTLE OF GLUE and named it "RENDY."

I mean, it is SOOOOO random, but sooo hilarious. You end up just LAUGHING HISTERICALLY THE ENTIRE GAME!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Interior Pics from our house being built - almost done!!

Tyler is covered in construction dust as he pours out his love to his imprisoned Kylianne.
Kylie is bored - no question. But she does want you to keep on scrolling down and check out the pics.

Brian standing in the Master Bedroom - with the laundry room behind him. He rescues Kylie from her little carseat prison.

Our Master Bedroom Bathroom. We cannot believe we will ACTUALLY have drawers and cupboards, and TWO sinks. There is a separate toilet room, which we are tickled about. No more getting trapped in the bathtub while somebody's nature is calling them. I know TMI - but REALLY - this will be SO MUCH MORE apropoe to a relaxing bath.

This is from the entryway looking at the living room and part of the bar area.

So....there is no door to the Master Bathroom. Is that weird? Should we add a door or curtain or anything? I love the pillar things. The closet is at the end of the bathroom area. That could be interesting.

We sense that our kids are excited....except for Kylie, who is going with the flow.

How LONG has it been since we have lived not in our own house? 4 months and 5 days.

This is the kids bathroom - formerly the same size as our ONLY household bathroom.

Homebuilders too can mess up apparently. Here is the botched kitchen countertop sitting on the living room floor. They cut it WRONG - whoops!

This is the island ish station with bar on the other side looking over the living room.

This is from the living room looking into the kitchen area.

Our cute painter was there one Saturday when we came to check things out. Tyler was mesmerized. We love the lighting fixture in here - but we are using this as a music room and not a dining room. Any suggestions? Keep the cute light?

Brooke and Tyler checking out the kitchen just put in. The botched countertop is sitting on the cabinets. Look closely - can you see what is wrong???

Looking from the eat in kitchen area at the living room/entryway. This is the propane heater phase - before the furnace was hooked up.
You may have noticed everything is VERY WHITE. If you can remember, PRETTY PLEASE tell me what your FAVORITE paint color is - name and brand - and what hue it is. I am totally open to suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!
So there is the VIP tour!!!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Little Boys ARE DIRTY!!

My adorable, cute, sweet loving 3 1/2 year old is more CURIOUS than a CAT, and DIRTIER than a ......well, you get the picture.

As my little sweetheart wakes up "stinky" he stealthily gets himself dressed and changed and comes downstairs. Perplexed by his efficiency, I go upstairs to find not just the stinky diaper on the floor, but ALSO poo on the floor. I THEN find the scarves and gloves that we currently keep in his closet each have some poo on them. HE HAS BEEN WIPING HIS BUM WITH OUR WINTER GEAR!!!


As I go about my day, I find two cars in his little potty - sitting in urine. Seriously, what is it with him and his excrements?

I go upstairs before getting Brooke off the bus to make sure he is in his bed for his nap. I find a willowly, flowly, snakelike SEA OF TOILET PAPER cascading down the hallway and in big fluffy PILES in the bathroom. I have precisely 4 minutes until I have to meet Brooke on the corner. I am rerolling the toilet paper at blister-producing speed to get it wound back on the roll, adreneline pumping and sweat beading up on my furrowed brow.

Tyler gets a nice firm SPANK. Yes, I DO occasionally spank my children - and THIS is one of those times.

When he is safely in his nap I go check on the downstairs bathroom and find a big pile of CEREAL on the bathroom floor right by Tyler's little potty. HUH? I then notice a little cereal trail through the bathroom, on through the dining room, and into the pantry when cereal is found strewn about in little piles resting on each shelf until I find the UPTURNED cereal box.

Its like I am on some sort of sadistical Easter Egg Hunt just waiting to see what other horrible presents Tyler has left me.

I go up to my room to relax for a minute and go on the computer. But I cannot rest because all my good SCRAPBOOKING MARKERS AND SCISSORS are all strewn about, the CAPS are all off (SOUND THE MONEY ALARM, there is NO way I am buying new ones!) as well as some UNMENTIONABLES taken out of drawers. AHHH!

Then I go to put the mail on the desk and step on something sharp. I step backwards - OUCH!! THUMBTACKS EVERYWHERE on the ground. Then I see good ART chalk on the ground, then Markers, then GLUESTICKS....and a dislodged DRAWER of the desk upturned.


I go to retrieve some of the rechargeable batteries that we use for our wireless keyboard and, OF COURSE, they are ALL MISSING. CRAP!! But my 2nd child, Tyler, WHOM I LOVE, is sleeping LIKE AN ANGEL. How is this possible, when he has been so good at creating CHAOS?

I think to myself on days like these - I just can't deal with any more poo, or accidents, or spilled food, or missing batteries, and I KNOW, I just KNOW, that I will LAUGH about this tomorrow!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Obama is RUINING the Economy - WSJ

So, each day to me is PROOF how horrible Obama is for the country with his leftist policies and financial INSANITY!

Our debt currently - not even INCLUDING the other stimulus plan coming AND the Universal Health Care thing he wants to do (another 1.2 trillion) EXCEEDS the WORLD'S GDP!!

Um, Yikes.

According to Wall Street Journal, Obama's Radicalism is a festering culprit:

And yet, here in Chicago - Obama's media playground - we have TV broadcaster and newspaper journalists, and radio talk heads saying, "Wall Street just doesn't seem to be responding to Obama's policies."

UM - try that he is single handedly DESTROYING it. Anytime anyone from Washington speaks, the Stock Market plummets.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009


So, I have not watched "The Bachelor" since my Wyview Days at BYU. But somehow last night's Finale attracted my attention. Maybe its because the guy had this really cute little boy. Maybe its because the girls didn't seem like total ditzes. Maybe I needed a good Romantic Fix. Whatever it was, I was compelled to watch ALL THREE HOURS, to Brian's Dismay.

So I was TOTALLY FLABBERGASTED that after the cutest rose ceremony, where I convinced and rooting for Melissa and very satisfied with the result, I was equally stunned to see the taped Break up. I don't think the guy is a flake. I can respect the fact that the real world brought them to see sides of each other that were not infused in the circumstances of the taping of the show. I have to respect the guy for not just letting it slowly drift, or leading her on, or whatever.

BUT - totally brutal to do this in front of everyone, allthought it made for some DARN GOOD TV, I have to say. It doesn't get too much better than that.

Equally as interesting to me was the previously rejected girl, brought back on to infuse their previously nixed relationship with life, Molly's reaction. I had to laugh when this guy was pouring his heart out to her. She kept looking to Chris Harrison, the host, to see if this was some kind of joke, or to get some guidance. She didn't believe it, and was so totally stunned. It was so funny to me HOW speechless this girl was. She had this look of shock on her face and just kind of giggled nervously when asked a question, without actually saying anything. It was FABULOUS!!!

I am going to book club tonite to discuss "PAVILLION OF WOMEN" by Pearl Buck. But I know I will be DYING to know what happens on Part 2. DARN OUR LACK OF DVR OR TIVO!!!