Friday, March 20, 2009


So, My new FAVORITE FAVORITE Game is called "Quelf." Have you ever played it? It is SO hilarious. I mean REALLY REALLY zany.
This is my brother in law Kevin. In this picture, during the game QUELF, he had to go run and construct SNORKELING gear with whatever materials he could find. But he couldn't tell anyone what he was doing. So all we see is him running, rustling in the kitchen, and he comes back with snorkeling gear made of SARAN WRAP and a SPOON.
He had to wear it for the rest of the game.

Also around his neck you will see TOILET PAPER. He had to, without telling us, go and put a pick of toilet paper around his neck, and also wear THAT the whole game.
That is just part of it. I picked a card that told me I could only communicate in GRUNTS and MOANS - it was called "the FRANKENSTEIN RULE."
If you cannot fulfil your requirements or you mess up, then you have to go back a set number of spaces on the board.
When somebody laughed, my father in law had to say to each person, "I COMMAND YOU TO BE SILENT!!" Which of course made us laugh MORE!
My brother in law Chris, had to find an object to be his MASCOT and give it a cute name, and keep by him the entire game. He chose a BOTTLE OF GLUE and named it "RENDY."

I mean, it is SOOOOO random, but sooo hilarious. You end up just LAUGHING HISTERICALLY THE ENTIRE GAME!!!


Tami H. said...

HA. I admit that was an ingenious snorkel. The worst was when I had to snort every time I laughed. That was HARD after a while.

Cami said...

That is funny. I've heard of another game kind of like that one, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Quelf. Maybe "Actions" or something? They sound like fun.