Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, it was very surreal, but we had our final walk-through of our cute house. Its ALL done - totally. The only things left to do are pour the driveway, and sod the house - which are the builder's job.

The weird part? We still don't move in for weeks. We take possession of the house on April 28th.

So, its all still surreal.

Meanwhile, we are still enjoying living with Brian's parents.

Its fun in lots of ways - always someone to converse ADULT conversations with. It usually tends to be about politics - and its lots of fun.

There is always someone to watch the kids if I have to run a quick errand.

There's always someone to watch a movie with if Brian has to work.

There is always someone to play a game with. Last night we played Scrabble with Brian's parents until 9:30.

I only cook the meals THREE nights a week. Brian's mom cooks FOUR nights a week - and she is a FABULOUS cook.

We always eat on time.

There is someone to back me up on discipline issues when Brian isn't home (which is MOST of the time - the boy is gone A LOT!)

There is always a "PAL" for the kids - Grandma and Grandpa - to give them extra hugs, or take them out to fly a kite or for a ride on the bike.

The cleaning chores are divided - its amazing how much less it feels like there is to do when I am not the ONLY one cleaning.

So, yes we are excited to move on and be on our own, BUT we sure do like the perks of living with Brian's parents and we will miss it. Do I sound crazy? We really LOVE living here!

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Cami said...

Yikes, why do you have to wait so long to move in? Congrats though! So exciting. Some day this post will be me, except without the living with parents part. We explored that idea and dismissed it. The reason's name is Ethan.