Tuesday, March 03, 2009


So, I have not watched "The Bachelor" since my Wyview Days at BYU. But somehow last night's Finale attracted my attention. Maybe its because the guy had this really cute little boy. Maybe its because the girls didn't seem like total ditzes. Maybe I needed a good Romantic Fix. Whatever it was, I was compelled to watch ALL THREE HOURS, to Brian's Dismay.

So I was TOTALLY FLABBERGASTED that after the cutest rose ceremony, where I convinced and rooting for Melissa and very satisfied with the result, I was equally stunned to see the taped Break up. I don't think the guy is a flake. I can respect the fact that the real world brought them to see sides of each other that were not infused in the circumstances of the taping of the show. I have to respect the guy for not just letting it slowly drift, or leading her on, or whatever.

BUT - totally brutal to do this in front of everyone, allthought it made for some DARN GOOD TV, I have to say. It doesn't get too much better than that.

Equally as interesting to me was the previously rejected girl, brought back on to infuse their previously nixed relationship with life, Molly's reaction. I had to laugh when this guy was pouring his heart out to her. She kept looking to Chris Harrison, the host, to see if this was some kind of joke, or to get some guidance. She didn't believe it, and was so totally stunned. It was so funny to me HOW speechless this girl was. She had this look of shock on her face and just kind of giggled nervously when asked a question, without actually saying anything. It was FABULOUS!!!

I am going to book club tonite to discuss "PAVILLION OF WOMEN" by Pearl Buck. But I know I will be DYING to know what happens on Part 2. DARN OUR LACK OF DVR OR TIVO!!!

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Jenny B said...

I loved your post! Neldon always gives me a hard time for watching "lame" reality shows but he came downstairs while I was watching my Tivo version on Monday nights show and he totally got into it. He even called me last night from work to see what the 2nd After the Final Rose was all about. I haven't watched it yet-thank goodness for Tivo