Monday, March 23, 2009


So, its been awhile since I have posted on Tyler's asthma and his treatments we have been undergoing with NAET - and allergy elimination technique.

So, NOW EIGHT months later, Tyler is still off ALL SEVEN MEDICATIONS. It is GLORIOUS.

EXCEPT when we would go visit my parents house, wherein lives 2 cats. Well, we actually had to take fur samples from both cats, as well as saliva samples, and treat Tyler for them.

Also, Tyler was allergic to the dust at my parents house and other dust in general, so we had to accumulate samples of each of the rooms there.

He has "passed" the treatments and is doing very well.

He only has 5 of like 20 things, to go. He is now NO LONGER ALLERGIC to the following:

Eggs, Wheat, Corn, Shellfish, Vinegar, Cats, Dust, Pollen, Sugars, Food Additaves and Preseveratives, Feathers and a few others.

He still has to be treated for Mold, Trees, phenyls in plastics, Nitrates/nitrites and Radiation (I know - crazy)

But he showed before he got treated for each individual allergen that his histamine levels for all of the above were affected, as well as (SURPRISE) his lungs reacted to EVERYTHING.

I ran into another cute mom at the clinic today, and she told me that her 2 year old little boy has asthma and through NAET (allergy elimiation technique - was off of ALL of his meds as well.

It has made the HUGEST difference in our lives - and also in the health AND demeanor of our cute Tyler.

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Cheryl Anne said...

That is amazing! I've been researching a little lately about food allergies causing behavioral and mental issues, so this peaks my interest. I'd love your feedback on a site I was looking at:

Do you think the desensitizing is as effective as avoiding triggers? (I realize that your son has too many triggers for "avoiding" to be effective, just wondering in general)

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