Friday, September 10, 2010

PICS!! Our mostly completed basement, our newly 5 year old son, pics from vacation

The most beautiful rainbow I personally have ever seen - doesn't even show how it totally fills the sky.  It was amazing!
Aunt Allison reading harry potter to the kids looking into the great room - AFTER PIC.  By the way - all these pics get unwieldy - so as you read this try not to become too discombobulated in how they jump around.  Its 12:30 and I just can't fiddle around with the pics anymore to make the order make sense.  Either I can't figure out the best way to do this, or blogger is stupid!
this is a before of the great room wall looking toward the study
AFTER:  Brooke and Tyler already at home in the new do I know?  Its a DISASTER!  Reaquainting themselves with out of reach toys that had been in hiding for months during construction
this is part of the great room - the back area for future fooze ball BEFORE
looking into hobby/kids study area from the stairway
in the great room
from the great room looking at kids study/hobby area
from great room looking toward the kids/study hobby area
the temporary home for Mark and Allisons life in boxes - this table will be where a foozeball table will be SOMEDAY
Bedroom #1 in basement - Mark and Allison's current Master Bedroom - no doors yet...we are working on that one
Bedroom #2- now currently a playroom - the kids LOVE it in there...we have some cool car rugs on the floor - no carpeting yet
Here is Brooke annoyed at my picture taking
Kylie is 2 going on 20 and insists on putting together her own very INTERESTING outfits
Although I can't figure out how to get the pics exactly how I want them in this blog - here is the storage pantry when you first come down the steps - VERY handy...especially with my crazy couponing I STILL do
A look at where the bar and bathroom are by the great room
Her is Kylie - 2 - or as we call her "Ko Ko" back from church
In Kentucky in August at Red River Gorge with a break in the rain.  These guys were GREAT hikers!
My little guy is FIVE!
This pic cracks me up - from one camping night to another - eating PLAIN oatmeal with no complaints at a gas station parking lot
Brooke is SEVEN and in 2nd grade - what a grown up!
this is a before of the library and study area when you first come down steps - a pantry is to the left
Tyler chose a SANTA birthday cake.  Since he still can't have sugar,  I used Stevia in this one.  We used creme, strawberries, and raspberry coulis for the frosting.  He had THIRDS!  I had THIRDS!
this is the CURRENT office/ hobby area for the kids - and no flooring or doors YET...or baseboards - that a 2011 project for the most part!
looking at the office/hobby area from different angle
this is the long wall of the great room - now faux painted to look like the inside of the cheesecake factory/italy
AFTER:  the bathroom all finished!
this is the wall of the library studye AFTER with the large cubby hole that was debated over and debated oer.  It will be finished with dry wall and be sort of hidden away
this is the bar area - AFTER - well mid process.  It currently has a microwave!
This is the BEFORE of  the big wall of the great room framed out

this is the AFTER of the very first framed pic - looking toward the stairs
Brooke on her first day of 2nd grade - and VERY impatient to get to the bus