Monday, January 21, 2008

Prank Call from "Governor Schwarzenegger"


I don't know WHAT it is about this clip, but I have gotten SO many good laughs from just this one little practical joke. I was in the shower laughing and laughing and Brooke knocked on the door and asked, "Mommy, why are you laughing?" Well - you will just have to see it !


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well, we are celebrating here with BLUEBERRY GRAPEFRUIT SORBET (it wasn’t our BEST sorbet, by the way) for the MITT ROMNEY MI victory!!!!!

We feel like we had a very small hand in it, too.

Between giving the kids dinner, getting ready to teach our Mommy Tummy Class, and changing a very FOUL diaper – leakage everywhere (thanks my man Tyler) I was able to help out a little.

I participated in the Call At Home Program for the Romney Campaign. Its pretty cool - the computer calls you ( so you don’t use any long distance) and then they call the person, and you get a weird beep to signal that they have said hello. If everything goes well, you have a person’s name in front of you, the address, and a script.

This is a rundown of how it went down:

1) A crusty sounding old lady answered the phone. I asked for Melvin. She told me he was “gone” but the way she said it, I knew she meant “dead.” So not knowing quite the proper procedure, I pressed on. In the middle of the script (which is very short) she interrupted very abrasively and said, “ I voted by absentee ballot.” “ I said, “ Great! Who did you vote for?” “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.” She replied roughly. So I said , “….Ok Have a great day.” I marked the call as “person at home.”

2) The lady answered and let me go through the script and then politely said, “Thank you.” It was a little weird at the same time….

3) Billy answered, which is who I called to ask for. I went into the script, “I am voting for Governor Romney because of the tax…” “HE isn’t the MICHIGAN Governor?!?!” I said, “No, it is the title they call him by because he was Governor of Massachusetts.” “OH, Ok…” I went on, and when I was done, he said, “Well, What’s in it for Me?” I said, “Hopefully a better economy for MI.” “Uh huh….” Then I said, “ok, well have a great day.” Again, kinda weird to know how to exactly end after that – and they tell you to keep all the calls short.

4) Something is messed up with our wireless router, so when the next call went through, neither the script nor the person’s name showed up on my computer screen. But the person was on the line waiting for me to talk. So I tried to remember what I needed to say, but without their name or the exact script in front of my, I totally bombed. I sounded like a TERRIBLE amateur. SO, thankfully in some ways, they hung up. It was awkward.

So with those and a few more calls under my belt I sort of contributed. Even though I saw the stats on the monitor saying there were 15000 calls more to make. I made a Very VERY tiny dent J

So – Go Mitt! I am seeing a 10 pt. lead behind McCain with 40% of the precincts reporting!

Monday, January 07, 2008


Well, maybe not really obsessed - but we here at the Wayne household (primarily me - Brian vicariously through me) are very obsessed with the political vibe right now. We are team Mitt people and we are finding out just how many of our friends are as well. In fact, with receiving Christmas cards alone, we have found out that one of our good friends is lawyer for the campaign, and one of our Wyview friends, Marielle and Chad Taylor, have an awesome website that they emailed me last night. They have done lots of things for the campaign and do major blogging for him.

And with NH primaries coming up, its gonna get interesting. Also, with an INDIRECT endorsement today on Rush Limbaugh, it will throw some logs onto the fire.

If you watched the debate last night on FOX NEWS - Romney blew everyone away, after a Saturday night pitt bull attack on Mitt Romney by Huckabee and McCain. They withdrew the fangs for the 2nd debate, but the damage on their part was done. It made Romney look like the only one that was a grown-up, and not a 3rd grade bully on the playground.

Its gonna be good - we find out tomorrow!!