Monday, January 07, 2008


Well, maybe not really obsessed - but we here at the Wayne household (primarily me - Brian vicariously through me) are very obsessed with the political vibe right now. We are team Mitt people and we are finding out just how many of our friends are as well. In fact, with receiving Christmas cards alone, we have found out that one of our good friends is lawyer for the campaign, and one of our Wyview friends, Marielle and Chad Taylor, have an awesome website that they emailed me last night. They have done lots of things for the campaign and do major blogging for him.

And with NH primaries coming up, its gonna get interesting. Also, with an INDIRECT endorsement today on Rush Limbaugh, it will throw some logs onto the fire.

If you watched the debate last night on FOX NEWS - Romney blew everyone away, after a Saturday night pitt bull attack on Mitt Romney by Huckabee and McCain. They withdrew the fangs for the 2nd debate, but the damage on their part was done. It made Romney look like the only one that was a grown-up, and not a 3rd grade bully on the playground.

Its gonna be good - we find out tomorrow!!


Brett and Kasia Gustaveson said...

We are totally obsessed around here too(okay, me probably more than Brett)! Today I've been totally bummed about the NH primaries. I don't know what this means. Let's just hope he can pull it off in Michigan next week!! Brett and I get so frustrated when everyone won't see that Mitt Romney is by far the best candidate. We are totally team Mitt too.

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I was really bummed about NH. I think Michigan is a definite maybe. One of my friends - under the link Chad and Mareille's site on Mitt Romney - was telling me that the Dems up there are going to try and sabatoge the primaries up there - so its not a "safe bet" - but he could still go all the way - leading now in both popular vote AND delegates. BUt you don't hear that in the media do you? They are too obsessed with moderate McCain with his crazy temper and all.

janet said...

Love Mitt and we are behind him all the way! He was awesome on Sunday and I thought he his speech was even better after the disappointment in NH. I think it's funny that you said Michigan is a definite maybe.

by the way. I have been trying to get in touch with Chad and Marielle. Will you send me their email address? thx.

terica said...

Check out my friend Alisons will like the pic. Also send Marielle address to me too please!