Thursday, December 13, 2007

The 12 days of Christmas mishap

So every year Brian and I do the 12 days of Christmas for each other. We start – today – Dec 13th – and we end on Christmas Day. Brian has stated many times that he wants 180 different ties – one for each day of the school year - so doesn’t have to repeat any days.

And we are not talking Boring hum drum ties here – we are talking about a Where’s Waldo tie, or Napoleon Dynamite tie that says “Vote for Pedro” or Mona Lisa wearing a Santa Hat – you get the pictures. The students LOVE that Brian wears these ties – it s gives them the impression that he is “Cool”, or as “One of them” as he can be.

So, this year I have been planning for months now - to do the 12 ties of Christmas. I have been collecting them from the summer whenever I see a really cool tie. He gets 1 cool tie a day for the 12 days. Last night Brooke cut out all the wrapping paper by herself – pretty good for 4 – and would give me the pieces in which to wrap the ties. Tyler tried to cut some out – but he pretty much just obliterated the paper he touched – a good try for being 2. Anyway, we heard Brian coming home from his late Master’s class and we had two ties to go. “Quick Brooke, cut me out two pieces of paper so Daddy doesn’t see what these are! We can cover them up!” So we worked quickly and had them covered with wrapping paper at least as Brian walked in.

Cute Brooke greets him with, “Hi Daddy, we wrapped a whole bunch of ties for you, and I am getting a my little pony for Christmas!” Well, that let the cat out of the bag a bit. At least he won’t know WHAT ties, right?



Andrea said...

What a fun idea! I bet Brian is an awesome teacher. Funny story's happened lots around here too!

Cami said...

Oh yes, I have to warn and warn and practice with my children if I want them to keep a secret, and yet they still let the cat out of the bag sometimes. Those funnies! The ties sound fun!

Darcie said...

Too funny. Kids will be kids. Cute idea, and Brian sounds like a fun teacher!

The Jones Family said...

that sounds awesome!! we wrapped a present for Rocky yesterday while he was at a meeting. the minute he got home, Madeline tells him, we wrapped you a preset!! Luckily she didn't say what it was!

I really like the 12 days of Christmas idea!