Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I LOVE Mother's Day!  Aside from my thoughtfulness of my family and other's thoughtfulness, I also feel like I get to let some things go and NOT feel  guilty about it.

First I got served Breakfast in bed by Brian and Tyler.  I asked where Brooke was and I was told she was upset by the choice made by Brian to serve me.  He had made toast, eggs, and chocolate mint herbal tea.  Brooke had wanted something "SPECIAL" and thought they should have done eggs on TOP of the toast...with cheese on top of that.  So I didn't see her for another 30 minutes while she commisserated in her room.

Brian surprised me with a dozen red roses - I TOTALLY was not expecting that, TWO different kinds of dark chocolate (which I can have ONCE MORE and not have CRAZY issues...thanks NAET!), and he also got me a DVD "Baby Mama" which I have only seen once, but had some GREAT laughs.

At the tail end of sacrament meetings, the YM passed out chocolate bars with the "Hersheys"  bars with the cover removed and a "Happy Mother's Day" wrapper was printed out and taped on instead.  Tyler asked if he could hold it during sharing time, and Brooke asked if she could hold it during her primary class.  I conceded...but found some parts of the bar mysteriously MISSING....

During Music Time in Primary with my 100 kids - we sang lots of Mothers Day songs.  I had the Junior Primary close their eyes while they sang "Mother I Love You" and pretend that they were singing to their mothers.  So I see 60 young kids all closing their eyes an all peaking a little bit as they sang and signed the song. It was SO DANG cute!

After church I redeemed a coupon from Brooke to finish making my bed. Then I felt NOT GUILTY at all as I asked Brian to cut some broccoli and carrots for the stirfry.

Brooke made me two cute cards for me telling me she LOVES the way I color and she loves the food I pack her for her lunches (which I sometimes pack the most RANDOM things...depending on what we're out of).  Then she sent me on a scavenger hunt with riddles to come find her.  I found her in 5.2 seconds.

After Dinner and a good game of "Ticket to Ride" - along with Brian's brother Ken, we hear Kylie waking up to a HUGE EXPLOSION.  Brian dutifully dealt with it.  As I hear the bathwater starting to run, I tossed in some wipes and a diaper, and then without ANY GUILT about not taking over the situation (OK, maybe a TEENSY touch of guilt) I left Brian to finish the bath and cleaning off fecal matter to lay down on the bed and CONK OUT!  It was DELICIOUS! 

I think my last stop I will pull out will be to solicit the kids to reward me with sparkling clean rooms.  As it is now, it looks like there is a sea of clothes, with a loan bed in the room.

Now, I will go eat my chocolate, give the boys haircuts, and enjoy the rest of my Mother's Day!!  I have the sweetest husband and the sweetest kids.  Why can't EVERY Day be Mother's Day :)