Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, these past 9 years have been AWESOME being married to Brian. He TRULY is the BEST most THOUGHTFUL husband...and Dad. He was so cute this morning. He let me sleep in and he got up with the kids. And when I woke up he walked into our room with a BIG GRIN on his face.

I should have suspected something, but sometimes he just does stuff like that, so I didn't think anything of it. After he GRINNED at me without blinking for about 60 seconds (I was doing some exercises on the ground) then he finally said, "I have somehthing for you..."

I was just expecting a card (handwritten), so I was SHOCKED when he gave me 15 ROSES. They were all red, and of course, beautiful, and TOTALLY UNEXPECTED.

Then he paused and said, "That's not all." He then gave me some of my favorite chocolate - 85% dark "Green and Black" chocolate (its VERY creamy!)

Then he paused again and said, "That's not all." He then gave me a VERY sweet card - he just gets better and better at them each year - I almost started crying.

Then he paused again and said, "That's not all." (STILL GRINNING) and he gives me the dvd of "Sense and Sensibility." which I had remarked to him like 7 months ago that I would really like to own that one. I have ALL the other Jane Austin movies - but not that one. And he remembered that little comment 7 months ago.

WHAT A MAN!! NINE years of marriage to him has DONE ME GOOD!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

How does it feel to lose 5 teeth in two weeks?


Well, I have to hand it to her, Brooke has had quite the two weeks with losing her FIVE teeth. She REALLY did not want us NEAR her mouth. She would inform us that we could pull her 5 loose teeth "TOMORROW."

Well, of course, her whole mouth of lose teeth made her two front teeth cross over each other and look REALLY odd. The teeth would all bleed on a regular basis.

So, I pulled four of them when she thought I was going to give her hugs for a bump she got...and as MEAN as it sounds....

As I went to give her hugs better, since she was crying ANYWAY, and since she was not expecting it.... I took those opportunities to tug them. IS THAT TRULY DECEITFUL????

Then we clapped for her and made her try to feel really good about what just happened. It worked, especially when we got out the container for the tooth fairy. Luckily we had enough quarters laying around for FIVE teeth. She gets six quarters per tooth. I am sure that is REALLY cheap as far as tooth fairies are concerned...but she doesn't mind.