Friday, March 06, 2009

Obama is RUINING the Economy - WSJ

So, each day to me is PROOF how horrible Obama is for the country with his leftist policies and financial INSANITY!

Our debt currently - not even INCLUDING the other stimulus plan coming AND the Universal Health Care thing he wants to do (another 1.2 trillion) EXCEEDS the WORLD'S GDP!!

Um, Yikes.

According to Wall Street Journal, Obama's Radicalism is a festering culprit:

And yet, here in Chicago - Obama's media playground - we have TV broadcaster and newspaper journalists, and radio talk heads saying, "Wall Street just doesn't seem to be responding to Obama's policies."

UM - try that he is single handedly DESTROYING it. Anytime anyone from Washington speaks, the Stock Market plummets.


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Lehikoinens said...

Vent on baby! He doesn't have a clue! He thinks his suave, casual, rock-star image will hide how detructive he is? Well... it just might. It may take some time, but I think people's eyes will start to open. Atleast I hope they will. Lets see if we can get the Republicians together enough to put up some great solutions. Things are just a mess right now. Aaron can hardly stand to hear his name. He thinks its bad here in Cali... being in Chicago territory, must be rough.