Thursday, April 02, 2009


SO, maybe I am regressing back to my teenage years, but I have become an somewhat AVID follower of TWILGHT'S sequel movie - NEW MOON- and their website.

I like checking out what they filmed that day, casting developments, and so forth.

Here are the new movie posters - FUN!!

Me and THE GIRLS here have a plan in place already for November to see NEW MOON at the local


Which poster do you NEW MOON fans like better?


Lehikoinens said...

AHHH! I have been waiting for the posters and updates. I've been a little out of it the last couple weeks, so I'm glad I saw it on your blog. I too... will be an AVID follower. High school? Teenage days? I LOVED high school. And if this is the closest I come to reverting back to my high school days... I think we're okay.

And... i like the second poster better. the first one looks wierd to me.

Jones said...

I like the first one. lol, I feel like a cheesy teenager again too!

Nicole said...

Bonnie - can't wait to go to the see it in the IMAX with you!! I'm already so excited!!

And I like the second poster better, but both work for me. Which do you prefer?