Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving Day approaches....

Am I ready? We won't have a fridge, oven, microwave, washer OR dryer in our new place. All the walls are STARK white (can we say revisiting student housing wall whiteness nightmares) and the lawn is currently all dirt. The clothes closets all need shelving units in them. There is not even a pegboard in the garage to hand up a rake.

Am I ready to take this on? Do I have the energy? Do I have the stamina? Do I have the ability to remind myself that Rome wasn't built in a day? Do I have the patience to deal with my kids surrounded, ONCE AGAIN, by totally and utter chaos????

Do I have the heart to throw out our couches that got invaded by mice? The couches that I love?

Will we have money to put in air conditioning for the summer?

Will we have money, someday, to buy ourselves a place to sit our behinds in our living room?

Should we invest in some camping chairs for our living room?

How am I going to organize the kitchen? Do I really lack an intuition for kitchen organizing?

Can I bear to look in box after box and see the never-ending randomness that is inside them?

CAN I DO IT????? I must take a deep breathe, and just TRY to convince myself I can do it!!


terica said...

You can do it! Just take it minute by minute. You know, now that my house is "done" in the sense that I have everything how I like it and want it I feel relief, but back when we bought the house if I would have let myself think of everything I was going to embark on, I would have gone completly crazy. So take it minute by minute, work one thing at a time. You don't need this perfect finished home right from the get go, it is a process. Just keep telling yourself that. It is quite a feat to remain calm, but just keep thinking about how blessed you are to have such a fun home that in fact one day will have the things you want and need. Dang I wish I was there. I get a thrill out of kitchen organization! I am a real dork, I already know it! Good luck and can't wait to watch the whole thing happen!

Tami H. said...

Bonnie, you are great a putting together a home and you will have help. Oh, you did a great job helping me organize MY kitchen, so I know you will be fine. Start mapping it out now, that will take some stress off when you get there.

As for air conditioning, what does the farmer's almanac say about this summer? Last year was pretty cool:)

Cami said...

SAD about your couches! I am worried about mine in the garage right now . . .

You can do it. Just take it slow and do one project at a time!

Trent and Karen said...

Your posts are so entertaining. I enjoy reading them. Just be grateful you guys get to move into your own house! Such a dream of mine right now. I watch way too much HGTV (while I'm holding my crying baby late at night) and I'm getting pretty sick of renting. Although not having a place to sit your bums might be kind of a burden! Good luck and take things slow!


Johanna said...

Amigaza, what's wrong with you? you are the most organized woman that I've never met...really!!! you were my best mission companion, the best missionary in Antofagasta, so obey, so in time, so organized!!!, so!, Obviously you can do it that, and much more... Just, take a breath and sing Divine Redeemer (you sang that hymn ALL THE TIME when we were together) and enjoy it!!
Love you amigaza..