Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, I have to say, BABY SIGN LANGUAGE is very exciting. Its actually ASL (American Sign Language) using the most important words for babies.

I have done it with all 3 of my kids, and it is a LIFESAVER.

So far Kylianne has signed the soonest. She started signing "All Done" at 10 1/2 months.

This has been the BEST tool, because she can tell me if she is grunting because she wants "MORE" (she still hasn't done this one yet) or if she is "ALL DONE" from eating.

And last night, to my exploding heart's delight, she put her hand up to my I-love-you-signed hand and signed back "I Love you" (not perfect form of course) back at me as she said,

For being just shy of 11 months, is close enough for ME to understand what she means.

Brooke's first sign came at 13 months and is was "MORE" and shortly thereafter it was "PLEASE."

Tyler signed "PLEASE" about that same age.

Kylie's other developments, for anyone that cares, is she has 8 TEETH NOW! I think that is the biggest mouthful of teeth at that age of all my kids.

AND she does not take after her mom, who was bald until she was 2, she has got some great CRAZY BABY EINSTEIN hair that is only tamed in pig-tails.

Has anyone else had good exeriences with Baby Signing? Which signs did your kids do first? Do you continue to use signing with your kids in church or anything?


Cami said...

My boys both did more and all done but they were much older--it was part of their therapy. I've been sporadically signing with Jane, and it seems like she gets all done the most (except she mostly says it rather than signing it--and we like to go ahead with actually talking if they show signs of that), but I just keep forgetting to do it. I think she'd really catch on if I weren't so lazy. I just figure she's done when she starts throwing food on the floor. :) But just this morning I had resolved to try a little more consistently with her.

Tami H. said...

Kaiya signed all done a few times this week and please a few times yesterday, I was sooo excited. She also waved bye bye when we were at the doctor's office this week and since We just barely started working with her on this.

Most kids learn to wave bye bye because parents encourage them. If the can learn to wave bye bye, there is no reason not they can't learn others too!