Monday, April 07, 2008


I was awakened by the cutest little scene this morning:

Tyler comes in at 7:30 to wake me up and says “Mommy, my toast is ready.”

As I came to my senses I thought – how is his toast ready if I am in bed.

I came into the kitchen to see that Brooke had found our toaster in a bottom cabinet, lifted the 10 lb appliance to the counter pulled up a kitchen table chair to the counter and plugged the toaster in. Whereby she fetched the bread out of the fridge and retrieved two slices – one for her and one for Tyler. She climbed up the chair again and put them in, and pressed the level and toasted them until the perfect browness. She took them out of the toaster and put them on a large plate she retrieved from a high cupboard. She also got out two small kids plates – one for her and one for Tyler. After they were on the big plate, she put each piece of toast on the kids plate.

I asked her, “Did you make toast for you and Tyler?”

She replied very perkily and extremely proud, “YES, I CAN DO THINGS BY MYSELF NOW!!” Then she thought about a millisecond and said, “I AM GOING TO MAKE MY BED NOW BY MYSELF.” And she left her uneaten piece of toast and skipped off to her room to make her bed.

I just marveled about how cute the whole thing was.

Just a day before, we had gone over to Grandma and Grandpa Wayne’s house to meet and walk over to get Dairy Queen with Brooke and Tyler's 3 cousins that live a few blocks away. Granma and Grandpa had offered to get something for each of the kids under $2. After we did that the kids and their 2 cousins were playing with the large dollhouse Grandpa had cleaned off and fixed up and had then glued together all the furniture. He had spend a lot of time getting everything ready for the kids to enjoy.

After playing for a few minutes Brooke looked very concerned and said to Grandpa, “But Grandpa, where is the front door?”

He replied, “Oh, I have been putting things together and spending all this time cleaning it…Grandpa has been busy.”

That did not satisfy her, “But Grandpa, where is the front door?”

Again, he went into the long winded explanation of, “Grandpa has been busy cleaning everything and gluing the furniture together and I have taken all this time to get everything done. Grandpa has been trying hard!”

“Well,” Brooke says with certainty, “TRY HARDER!”

From the mouth of babes!


The Jones Family said...

that toast story is SO adorable!!! if I were you, I'd leave the toaster out the night before (to make it a bit easier) and let her make toast every'll sure give you a few minutes extra sleep !!! LOL!

Cami said...

That is a cute toast story. Every now and then Jefferson will suddenly do something for himself. But our microwave is broken and we have to open it with a fork. One day I went in the kitchen to find Jefferson standing on a chair at the microwave with chicken nuggets on a plate in one hand, and a fork in the other, just looking at the microwave. I showed him how to open it, and that was that. Now I make him get his own chicken nuggets!

Jeff said...

What a great family and a wonderful blog to share those experiences.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Glad you find the biographies useful. Mostly I compile information from other sources but I think it is easier to have everything compiled onto one page rather than going to many different sites. I include my sources at the bottom so you know the information is verifiable and you can look up more information if you interested. And I try to make sure everyone learns at least one new thing.

Akinogal said...

See Please Here

Aimee said...

I love independent girls!

Jasper and Holly said...

LOL x2 that's awesome. Be sure and give Brooke a high five from me. I can't wait until Kai figures that one out.