Thursday, April 10, 2008


Tami teaching the Lose your Mummy Tummy Seminar.

TAmi and I in front of the Manhattan Temple.

Tami and I with her old mission comp and her
roommate. They treated us to dinner.

This is the real Statue of Liberty, right?
We saw Legally Blonde and Curtains.
Legally Blonde was much more exciting, but if you have seen the movie, even the PUNCHLINES are the same (they would just say "tangerine" instead of "orange" and "Beyonce" instead of "Cameron Diaz" for example) Good music though.

A little inside Joke from Freshman year at BYU. Sarah, do you recognize what we are doing???

Melissa is was so good to see you! She lives
about a block away from Times Square. She is
busy being an actress and a yoga instructor for
people like Uma Thurman and Mary Louise Parker!
She was one of the infamous Sexy Six group we
formed as freshman! It had been 7 years since we had
seen each other. I love catching up with great friends!

Standing in line to TRY to win tickets to Wicked in the Lottery they do every night

Meeting up with friends from BYU - Jake and Cami Turpin. They happened to be seeing Wicked the same night we waited in line. And of course we PLANNED to bump into each other. It had been like 7 years. Cami and I are due within a few days of each other. It was so fun to see you guys!

Hanging out at Wicked.

We mostly taught Maternal fitness classes - we saw LOTS and LOTS of pregnant ladies - so Tami and I fit right in. She is due in July, I am due May 14th.

Teaching at the studio while under "jury"

With Julie - the founder of the Tupler Technique.
Meeting her was MUCH more palatable than the
training was. The day we came in Dr. OZ had
contacted her about being on his Radio Show.
For all my preggo friends, her book "Maternal
Fitness" is the BEST book to read while pregnant
to prepare for labor, close your diastasis which
makes pushing more effective, and learn how to
retain muscle memory to get into your body faster
after labor.

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