Thursday, September 07, 2006


So we went to the Oprah Show Taping today - I, along with a couple of my friends from college - Cassidy Lundgren, Terica English, and my sister Tami. After rising at 5:15 and arriving fairly early, we waited with bated breath about what the show would be about. They gave us a questionairre on confessions of motherhood - do you love one child more than another, do you feel bad about things you do as a mother...kind of thing. So we at first thought - O.K....So its a Mom episode - thats cool. Well, rumor started spreading in line that it was a "serious show."

The night before we all joked about 3 topics we didn't want come for - and, yep, you guessed it, THIS EPISODE was one of those topics. Yeah, it was on pedifiles - GREAT! And then we find out the episode being taped after us was JANET JACKSON - and had we gotten out of the bathroom sooner, we could have stayed on to see that one. DANG IT!! Well, hey, we are a little more depressed and a little more wiser and disturbed for what we did see. So, here we are waiting in line to show our pic id. And, oh yeah, We got sat up at the very front and when she walked in I gave her five - cool!

Here we are after the show, and at lunch. YEAH!

Brian is SO good at giving the kids a bath

We went with the moms in the ward to an Orchard/Petting zoo - here we are feeding the bunnies!!

Out for a Sunday walk to Grandma's house!


suzie said...

your pics are way cute. Brooke and tyler are really growing up! Crazy... ill be sure and post some hawaii pictures ;>

The KTBs said...

Hey Bonnie...this is Angela(KIrk's wife). We got your Christmas letter and family pic. It was really nice to read. Just thought I'd check out your blog. It's really great. I will have to get Kirk to look at it too. We have a blog page too for our little family. Please check us out it' would be nice to hear from you every now and then. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas!