Thursday, September 14, 2006


Yep, Oprah Show week later! I had a great reunion at the Oprah show (for the exact time and day one week later) with my friends from Quincy, Illinois. Ironically, we all live in the Chicago area. Leave it to Oprah for getting people together!!! Left to Right: Rachel, Allison, Vianey, and me.

We all spent the morning catching up and, of course, attending the taping of the Oprah show!

I was sad (but knew it was expected) that my friends from BYU freshman year (sexy six) couldn't come on practically NO notice (4 days). But you know, some things end up working out GREAT!

The Topic - WAS HORRIBLE...AGAIN!!! I have decided that Wednesday morning taping are the Serious, TV14 topics. I don't even need to go into more detail.

Sufficed to say that we were a little quizzical about why Oprah even decided to do this show. SERIOUSLY! However, Rachel and Vianey had a bit of luck. They just happened to be sitting on the far back corners of the room and therefore got a "golden ticket" from one of the producers. This entitles them to come in the next 6 weeks and bring someone of their choice. COOL.


So my little boy is 1. I think he is SO adorable, of course! He now signs please, all done, more, milk, and yes. His first official word 2 days before was "BONNIE" followed a few hourse later by "BYE BYE" followed a few hourse later by "DADDY". He also now says "ALL DONE" and we think he may have said that before. It is like something just CLICKED in his brain. He also now says "TYLER."

With the whole cake thing, he picked all of the frosting stars off one by one a little braver, and took a chunck of cake with his a little braver and picked up the whole cake and ate a little braver and dumped out his ice cream and smeared it all over the table.

APPARENTLY he gets more brazen in stages. He and Brooke love to laugh together at night when the lights are off. Tyler will look through his crib, egg her on, and giggle at her. She will them wiggle or say something silly and they will both laugh and laugh. We have a hard time disciplining that one becuase we are both laughing at them!!!

Here is Brooke at Tyler's bday party. She is 3 1/2 years old.

Tyler can now stand for up to 5 minutes, and crawl faster than an adult's brisk walking pace. When something is taken away from him, he will hurl his head to the ground, sulking. If he is really upset, he will then proceed to crawl in circle, head burrowed into the you just see this headless body crawling around in circle accompanied by an upset sulky cry. Here he is - a future missionary.

Tyler also LOVES Brooke - here he is trying to wake her up this morning!

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Jen and Steve said...

It is good to know we didn't spend $600 for such a horrible topic that wasn't even worth mentioning! It would have been fun - thanks for remembering the sexy six!