Thursday, October 04, 2007


My take on THE OFFICE:

Angela and Dwight – yes I love that the two believers of office tyranny are having some relationship troubles. It does add a dose of realism to their secret relationship. The cat named GARBAGE was a GREAT replacement for Sprinkles. I would LOVE a cat that can kill a family of raccoons J

Toby the HR guy: PROPS to Toby for delivering a PDA memo – and having it be interpreted as a way to “Congratulate” Pam and Jim. That one MADE my day!

Pam and Jim: Yes they are together. Yes it was a LITTLE anticlimactic for me. Yes, I think they can do fun things with it. Yes, I felt bad for Ryan for hitting on Pam in front of Jim. Yes, I am hoping they don’t elaborate on the intimate part of their relationship. I prefer, at this point, to think of them as PURE. I don’t want my bubble burst.

Ryan: What did he mean when he told Jan, “You really let yourself go!” ?????? Was that referring to her letting her looks and poise go? Was that referring to the whole “Work life” thing? Someone clarify! And I am warming up to his beard. They had to do SOMETHING to make the kid look older. Brian and I LOVED that Andy started “ATTACKING” him and he was stopped by someone saying, “Oh, NO, he wasn’t here for that! No Attacking!” That part is particularly funny to rewind over and over again.

Kelli – PLEASE find someone else. Its getting painful. Maybe Toby - that would be the weirdest relationship ever...

Michael – I hope he gets back his turtles and learns not to turn into rivers. “DON’T YELL AT ME!” was a great line before driving into the river. And did he HAVE to beg for that basket...again...PAINFUL to watch - but hilarious of course.

I personally prefer the plot lines WORK related with personal fabric woven in, instead of reversed, which to ME are never quite a funny.

OUR FAVORITE EPISODE OF ALL TIME: Season III: Competing for Boss Games on the river bank. We died laughing for 30 minutes straight. We still cry laugh every time we joke about Andy floating down the river calling to Angela for help. And calling out in the dark, "Hello, my name is Andy, I'm with a group called Dundler Mifflin!!.....", while floating by the bank in the sumo wrestling outfit. LOL! OK, BREATHE!!!


Cami said...

Oh, last night was very painful for me. I just kept yelling, "DON'T go back and get the basket!! STOP!!!" Oh, it's so painful. Poor Toby all in love with Pam. He's such a sad character.

Darcie said...

I love that you're as fanatical about the office as we are! My hands-down all time favorite episode was from season 1, the health care plan. It's when Dwight had to choose a new plan for the office. too funny!

Oh, the Jan let herself go thing. I thought Ryan said, "they let you go," meaning, Dundler Mifflin fired her. I'll have to rewatch.

Last night was hilarious! I usually have to rewatch it a few times before I'm LOL, but last night had me rolling the whole time.

"And I'm keeping it buddy . . ."

Andrea said...

My all-time favorite episode: Season 3 Grief Counseling. Everyone is in the conference room and they're supposed to be describing a loss of a loved one (when Michael's boss died) but they are really describing movies. So funny.

One of my favorite quotes: "I'm not superstitious, just a little stitous."


Brett and Kasia Gustaveson said...

We love the office too of course. One of our favorite episodes is in season 2, I think. It's called "The Injury". It's the one where Michael burns his foot on his George Foreman grill because I likes to wake up to the smell of cooking bacon..."Is that so wrong?"

Diana said...

I don't know you but I'm friends with Andrea and saw the link to your blog.
I am a huge Office fan we have a party every week. I've loved this season so far. I agree though I love much more when they stay in the office and their lives are reveled through their interactions there, although the trip to Dwight's farm was pretty cool.
you have a cute family.