Wednesday, October 03, 2007

DEMOLITION!! we will miss you

This post will mostly be appreciated by those who have been to Nauvoo since the temple was built. The visitor centor across the street, affectionately known as the Joseph Smith Academy (JSA) was demolished as of a couple of days ago. Here are some pictures:

Our cast at the pageant was the last to dwell in its quarters. There was an AUCTION held there they auctioned off EVERYTHING you could possible imagine. A couple items of interest:

bowling alley - $2000
iron gate fence- $10000
200 folding chairs - went to Warsaw highschool, undisclosed sum
Stage curtains
furniture - $150
beds - went to boarding school
toilets and MUCH MORE

It ALL was sold.

THE RUMOR: Since the drafty former monestary JSA was very uneconomical to run and very inefficient (no air-conditioning, etc) they are tearing this down and building several small buildings on the same lot in its stead.

Including (and this is from a good source)
A new Visitor Center
OFfices for Nauvoo Restoration (NRI)
Smaller Condos or other Dwellings
An Auditorium

Enjoy these pics. To put everything into perspective - the temple is behind and to the left of the structure being torn down. Thanks to Greg for passing along these photos!

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Andrea said...

I lived in the JSA from Sept-Dec 2000. It was such a great experience--right across the street from the temple that was being built. Thanks for posting these pictures, I didn't know the place was coming down. I loved it there.