Thursday, April 26, 2007


So its the time of year when I map out my Friday and Saturday plan every Thursday night.
I mapquest the addresses I don't know and make a route of where I am going first, second, and so on.

The goal? To find stuff to sell on Amazon and Ebay, and a few things here and there for the kids and the yard.

So last week was really my first official garage sale week. Since we had book club on Saturday (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was the book - very interesting) I only had time to make it to one this week.

I had the host of book club, Tracy, help me find the location. I had the kids with me since Brian was working - and they were NOT in a good mood. BUTI decided it will be worth the effort and I was off - VERY out of the way from my house, I might add.

So I get there and I could IMMEDIATELY see that I could only hope for a couple of things for the kids, at best - mostly clothes - a couple of very used toys. There was a table with some cute, good quality clothes - they were about $2-garage-sale-clothes-apiece clothes. (THAT IS THE HIGH END AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED - I CAN GET $2 CLOTHES AT KOHLS ON CLEARaNCE ALL THE TIME).

So I made the round at the different tables. There was NO ONE to consult on anything so I waited around a couple minutes even though the kids were not too happy. I started thinking - ANYONE going to notice there is a potential buyer at their garage sale. If I was so inclined, I could have easily ....but I am NOT so inclined. So anyway - finally a boy appeared at the door - maybe 11. He was obviously the one manning the garage sale, hence the not-so-prompt entrance. I asked vaguely - pointing to the table of the nicer clothes - "How much are these?"

He said, "TEN DOLLARS." I thought he was joking...or misunderstood. "I mean for just ONE piece of clothing" I said. (They were kids clothes)
"Yeah," he said, "TEN DOLLARS."

I WAS STUNNED. Literally STUNNED!!!! I choked out, "I've never heard of THAT before."
"TEN DOLLARS PER CLOTHING ITEM !?!?!??!, " I thought to myself in stunned amazement, "No wonder, nothing looked touched at that garage sale, even though it is 7 pm on the last day!"

There are certain rules of pricing etiquette at garage sales, and this one was GROSSLY overpriced. Still shaking from the SHOCK I drove home in silence. I have only one work to say.....WOW!

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Cami said...

Nice job. You walk away from those prices!