Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So - this is my current FAVORITE DESSERT - YUM!! Cut up strawberries and whip cream and sprinkled very lightly - brown sugar. Talk about divine - and it doesn't take much of the other stuff to make those strawberries heavenly. YUM!!!

On another note - I am getting really excited for these last episodes of LOST. If you can bear it - check out the 'Lost spoilers" link on the blog. PRETTY COOL!!!! Also - this is pretty common knowedge - so I hope I am not ruining it for anyone - but I am most looking forward to the BEN flashback episode - they also cast a young Ben, a "Roger Linus" and a blonde "Mrs. Linus" - and a little girl - last name Linus. Should be GREAT!!!

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Cami said...

Whoa, we are behind, but it has been especially good lately. Can't wait to see the next few . ..