Friday, April 20, 2007

OUCH! I HATE applesauce!

So - I hate applesauce FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonite as I was in the middle of making dinner, I went to put some food away and a jar of applesauce from a high up shelf landed right smack on me middle finger that was resting on the counter. Then, the applesauce jar broke as my finger broke out in a weird combination of pain and that weird numb tingly feeling tyou get whenyou bump your funny bone very hard. When I looked at the finger I noticed it looked very strange. I looked at it a minute later and it was looking deformed. "Man!" I thought, "There goes volleyball tonite!"

(we play everyFriday with friends)

So - we took a fun trip to the emergency room. Everyone that looked at it said ""EW!" including the docs. After x-rays - the verdict is that I might make people made with my splint being on an unfortunate finger, but its a bad bone bruise and sprain - but no break. But the Dr. reminded me that bone bruises can take awhile to heal.

Chris and Kami were nice enough to take Brooke and Tyler while Brian went with me. Thanks guys!

So, I guess THAT was our "date night"............... Fun!..........

My regrets:
*no volleyball for several weeks
*no guitar hero
*typing one handed (Luckily my right hand is great)
*no more applesauce without rage
*no playing the piano for a few weeks
*no putting the patio stones over the nasty dog run area for several weeks...unless I just supervise....
Refraining from doing half of the routine for the mommy
tummy class I teach (the arm workouts with resistance bands are all yours, Tami!)

Enjoy the pics!

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Cami said...

Oh, that's just horrible looking. I hate smashed fingers! Good luck healing. Maybe you can play guitar hero with your other hand??? That would really be heroic.