Monday, April 30, 2007

My take on Part I of the “PBS Special on Mormons.”

My take on Part I of the “PBS Special on Mormons.”

First of all, here is my post to PBS:

I did have hopes for this documentary...I was hoping the director would get us "right." I felt especially after the Polygamist section, that a person looking in would be really confused. You made it seem as if we socialize, know "Mormon Fundamentalists" as you mistakenly call them, are normal and common. I adamently dissagree with the way the edits made it seem as if this were something you would meet with on occasion. Mormons do not associate with people proclaiming Polygamy. We feel sorry for them, and feel that they are misguided. The people that practice Polygamy would not dare associate with normal everyday Mormons. They are not Mormons or Mormon Fundamentalists, they are simply called "Polygamists." You missed the mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is also helpful when doing a documentary if you get a little more balance than dominating commentary by "dissadent or estranged or excommunicated" members of the church could give. OBVIOUSLY their slant will be met with synacism and condescention. I REALLY HAD TO LAUGH at the remark made by one of these "dissadent ex-members" of the church gave, remarking that Utah was a "blood red land" "fiery and hot" and other nonsense, when talking (a little to long windedly) about the MMM. That was a little over the top, don't you think. I hope tommorow will be a little more balanced and CORRECT!!!!!!!

*That being said – I also noticed they did not talk about our belief in the HOLY BIBLE, (Hello!)

*They did not mention the other “witnesses of the book of Mormon”

*They did not mention the Aaronic and Melchizadec priesthood and how its “restoration” is a key element (a fraction of a sentenced mention it was “created”)

*They spent and inordinate amount of time on the Mountain Meadow Massacre and Polygamy

*They played some very creepy music giving things and eerie mood

*They made it sound like baptism of the dead uses “dead bodies” – I shouted at the TV *“PLEASE CLARIFY THAT ONE!” GOOD GRIEF!

*My dad is an EXPERT on the Zions Camp – and there is not one mention of the *Mormons burning down Missourians homes

*Can we please erase the term ‘Mormon Fundamentalist” from the Media’s vocabulary!

Hoping tomorrow can at least PARTLY redeem itself!!!


Cami said...

I have this on my tivo, but I had heard it would be this way. I hear the next installment is much more sympathetic and correct. Still. Can we please do more damage to the church???

Terica said...

Bonnie, I feel like you pretty much nailed it on the head. Thanks for your thoughts!