Sunday, December 27, 2009

I have NO more excuses now!! Here are some ACTUAL pics from Christmas - don't go into shock!

Yes! I am SO excited! I bought a Canon Rebel XT from one of my photographer friends since she is upgrading. Ironically, its the same camera my dad bought 3 years ago - the same in EVERY WAY! So we had fun talking shop, and he taught us everything he knows. Some of it is STILL over my head, but I have been reading the camera manual - something I usually try to avoid because it seems boring - upon my friend's suggestion.

And I have learned alot - but I can tell I have a LOT LOT LOT left to learn. I didn't get a lens CAP in the deal...or a camera CASE, or a UV filter thing....and the viewfinder is cracked...but I got a STINKING good deal so I don't mind those things. I have been admiring pics on my friends' blogs forever LUSTING after their technique and know how. Hopefully I will be able to join the ranks! Here is Christmas at my parents house :)

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Cami said...

So fun! You can see some of my journey on my photography blog, and maybe avoid some of my pitfalls, but I kind of stopped using that a while ago, though I have plans for it again soon . . .

As far as the settings go for my pics on the post you asked about, I was using a 50mm fixed lens (get one IMMEDIATELY), and I was probably using Aperture priority setting with around a 2.2 f-stop because the light was changing so much as I followed her around. So the shutter speed changed a lot.

Here's my advice to the new photographer (or those with a new camera):

1. Read your manual, and everything else you can find. I had a great "for dummies" book on digital photography that was awesome. Take notes, then ask people, and PRACTICE.

2. Never use your flash if you can help it. Look into diffusers if you think you'll use it a lot.

3. Get a 50mm lens if you are going to do portraits and whatnot.

4. Give yourself assignments, and/or find a website or someone else who will give them to you as well. A photography group is the BEST, even if it's just amateurs.

5. Take pictures every single day. Even if it's only 5 minutes. Pretty soon you'll be very comfortable with your camera.

Have fun! I do love a new camera.