Thursday, June 17, 2010

Though I am terrible lately about posts, here is what is going on with us!

OK - here is our rundown.

WE ARE STILL in the middle of finishing our basement.  I did just take a bunch of pics of the framing, plumbing, and electrical for before and after pic purposes.  We are supposed to get insulation and sheetrock (drywall) this week, but our stupid contractor (I can just hear Brooke in my head saying, "mom, we don't say stupid) was MIA on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and now TODAY!  We gave him a timeline of Monday - and lets just say we are RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

WHATS THE RUSH you ask?  We are going to Nauvoo on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on a Wayne Family trip.  The day we get back (FRIDAY), Mark and Allison (Mark is Brian's brother) are


until they find a house, and have everything aligned to do that.  That way they could have their own space.  So I guess until we get everything straigtened out with the drywall and all that they will live in Tyler's room.  I hope they like Lightening McQueen bedsheets!

WE ACTUALLY GOT a pet bird.  Brian and I are NOT pet people.  So of course, born to us are THREE kids that are CRAZY in love with ALL animals.  Dogs, Cats, Turtles, Hamsters, Birds, etc.  So a family in our ward - having their 6th child, was trying to give away a cockateil that sings real songs, and dances when we sing, "Scripture Power."  You can tell he came from a LDS home!

I GOT RELEASED at Primary Chorister to our 100 kids that fill the gym (130 if they all come) and am now a ward missionary.  I had no idea that the missionary program in our ward is SO rocking!!  A family of 5 is about to be baptised - they are a family referral.  How cool is that!

MY SISTER JUST GOT ENGAGED!!  Last night - I am so happy for her :)  Brian had made a prediction in JANUARY that both my remaining single sisters would be married this summer.  It looks like he is at least 50% right!!

BRIAN MADE THE CRAZY DECISION to do Driver's Ed this summer.  He who has the weakest stomach of all time, said he is "JUST FINE" to do "behind the wheel."  He kind of hates it.  Some of his kids went behind the wheel without EVER practicing with a simulator or parental guidance.  He is the sole driving guidance in their life.

I AM GETTING TO THE SATURATION POINT with personal training with Diastasis Rehab (see  It is awesome and I LOVE seeing the fantastic results.  However, I think I can not take many more new clients for a couple months or my stress level will rise too much.  I have to keep an even keel and spend enough time with the fam.  BALANCE is a tricky thing, is it not?

I WON A TRIP ON THE RADIO this past March and Brian and I got to go to ALABAMA - BIRMINGHAM of , get this, a GOLF TRIP.  Now, had I been planning and paying for everything, I can not say I would EVER pick a golf vacation.  But it was FUN, and BEAUTIFUL.  I do have some spactacular pics I will try to put up.  I have never seen such a beautiful golf course - so hilly, and just amazing!  We just had to pay for food, so we got very adventurous and tried some funky places and funky food.  As we were eating a medley of fried fish with chopsticks and dipping sauce, Brian remarked that he would NEVER try half the stuff we eat if not for me.  He also mentioned we have "slightly different taste" when it comes to food.  We went on this giant statue, we visited the Alabama TEENY temple, and saw the movies "Letters to Juliet" which I LOVED, and "Robinhood" which I liked but was historically different than the other version by FAR!

KYLIE is gaining weight FINALLY and has SPIKED in her growth.  Her story of recovering from an early version of Crohn's is still just amazing to me.  We just have to keep her away from sugar and keep on giving her the FULL SPRECTRUM probiotics and she does fantastic.  So, that means, much of it is up to me to keep it up!  But she shot up 20% on weight (to 5% - YEAH, she is ON THE CHART AGAIN! and 40% up on height (to 50%).  She also turned 2!  How did that happen???

AND BEING THE NERD I AM, I am HIGHLY anticipating Twilight ECLIPSE.  I am addicted to "" to Brian's chagrin.  He calls Edward, "My Boyfriend."  But I can't take offense, he also called Mitt Romney "My boyfriend" when I was actively keeping tabs on the campaign for '08.  At any rate, I am seeing a midnight showing with ALL the SCREAMING teenage girls, and then again 2 days laters.  Both with different sets of gals -but I am looking forward to it!

Yeah, I think those are the main things:)  Now that I have all that out, and DONT feel like I have to blog about each one, I might be more regular about posting.  And I will need a couple of days of look at everyone's blog that I like to follow - I am almost overwhelmed how behind I am in that department!!!


Cami said...

Wow! That is a lot going on. I hope your basement gets finished soon. It never does go as quickly as we think it will, does it? Good luck with ALL your stuff and keep up the good work! (How DID our babies turn 2?? Very crazy.)

bones said...

Im proud to have defeated Brians predictment for me and Susan. :)

Trent and Karen said...

Just love reading your posts, Bonnie! They're so full of your personality!! They also crack me up if I'm bored at work. (Which I'll most likely be quitting sometime before fall.)