Sunday, March 13, 2011


So as many of you have probably noticed, I fell off the face of the earth for awhile.  I am sure no one even checks this forgotten and forsaken blog anymore.  So for anyone who still checks to see if we are alive – WE ARE!!

So first of all – 2 weeks and 6 days to go – for #4.   I  have been so anxious this time around to just have my normal body back.  Probably having to deal with 3 other kids and pick up that many toys off the ground and after that many people makes me just want to bend over NORMALLY instead of with a big huge lump to work around.  So apart from just wanting my normal body back – its been a pretty darn good pregnancy.  I really can’t complain.

Also, I am officially on maternity leave of my own accord TODAY.   Yesterday I trained my last 2 people and I am giving myself a glorious 2 months free to take care of my sanity my last 2 ½ weeks of 3 kid-dom, and for 6 weeks afterwards.  Although I LOVE what I do ( it feels remarkably liberating to give myself a break – very rejuvenating. 

Although SOMEHOW, we have one of the busiest weeks EVER this next week.  The goal is to get all 5 people visit taught this week, Brooke having gotten baptized 3 weeks ago is now in Activity Day girls – 2 things this week, plus my splits with the missioaries, plus Brian’ Elders Quorum visits, me teaching joy school AGAIN this week, doctors appointments, plus getting shelves built in our pantry and baseboard up in our basement before we get new carpeting – AND of course making sure we have the time to watch the BYU basketball games this week – we are full to the brim! 

We still have live-ins in our basement- which has grown to 3 people down there.  The short sale Mark and Allison were waiting for fell through, so back to square 1.  Meanwhile, we are adding another human on the upper floor.  So the population of our house has gone from 5 to 7 to 8 and now to 9 since the summer.  We Waynes are getting very numerous, or so it would seem.

The great news is that it gets dark at 7 PM instead of 6, which is such a huge difference from December’s 4:30 sunset – 7 is HEAVEN!!! And SPRING – YAY!!  February seems to be one of those bleak months with the blizzard and all, and all the cloudy days.  I will take March ANY DAY – it’s the light at the end of the tunnel.  I start my seeds too which is another constant reminder that its time to plant things soon – amazing.  I might even get sassy and put my lettuce in this week!

Well, enough rambling for now – just wanted to say we are alive and well – and hopefully I will be posting more regularly!


Darcie said...

Congrats on #4 Bonnie! I hope all goes well... :)

Sharalea said...

You are superwoman! Hope you get everything done on your list today, and that you enjoy some DOWN TIME as well!! You look awesome, I can't believe you're almost there!! So excited for Saturday :)

Cami said...

Good luck with your "relaxing" maternity leave! HA! Mommies just don't get a rest, do they? Um, but say no to splits next time, eh?