Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So lots has happened the past few weeks- PHEW!

*Brian interviewed to be Head of the Science Dept. at his high school *New Nephew Born 29 years and 1 minute exactly from Brian. Brian was born Nov 28 1977 at 7 pm and Vance was born Nov 28 2006 at 6:59 pm. Congrats Kami and Chris!

*We bit the bullet and decorated for Christmas on Nov 26 (it felt VERY early) and forced ourselves into the Christmas Spirit by doing so. We got past the funk as we decorated the tree and put up our little tree village.

* We Celebrated Brian's Bday by going to Chili's - which I THOUGHT was my favorite restaurant. Apparantly - its not anymore. I was not that impressed at all (I think it didn't help that we heard their birthday song LITERALLY and in all seriousness 17 times in 45 minutes. UGH!!!

*We went to Jacksonville for Thanksgiving. My mom and I cooked for 1 1/2 days straight - stopping to sleep of course. My dad, realizing none of the food was for the Wednesday we were cooking like crazy, took it upon himself to make dinner - and tried to thaw frozen chicken by slamming it repetitively on the kitchen floor. AFter about 8 huge thundering house-shattering THUDS my mom calmly suggested he use the microwave to defrost the chicken. He thought that was a good idea. *Tami, Kevin, Sarah, Brent and I decided to be some of those crazy lunatic people that slept overnight at Circuit City to get the good deals. We orignally decided to do Best Buy - but since people lined up at 9 am on Thanksgiving day- taking shifts to eat their Thanksgiving meal ...and we came at 7 pm...we went with all the other Best Buy Line Rejects to the Circuit City line. The line at Best Buy was 70 people - while we were number 15 or so at Circuit City. STILL - because everyone in line has 1-3 friends for every person - we didn't quite get the deals we anticipated (the CHEAP laptop) - but we got some good deals. What we do these days to make ends meet! (ebay in this case)

*My days as Primary President doubling as Primary Chorister came to an end when Heavenly Father answered my prayers with an available, capable musical person who moved into our ward (Kami - who just had the baby yesterday) - YEAH KAMI!!!! I AM SOOO GLAD YOU ARE HERE!!

*By the way - I am SOOOOOO done with eating pies and cakes for awhile - I totally go overboard each year with those dang pies. They alone are one of my biggest weaknesses - especially with some nice whipped cream - YEAH BABY! ESPECIALLY the Martha Stewart French Silk Pie I made this year that was like the BEST PIE of my life - (look it up on the website) - I had 1/4 of that pie in 10 minutes. If you make it - make sure you HAVE to share it with a lot of people so you don't do what I did. (BUT IT WAS SOOOOOOO WORTH IT, let me tell you!)

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