Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here we are seeing WICKED - it was SOOOO good! If you have listened to the recording - you know Elphaba is so good. Well... THIS girl I liked even better. I was not expecting that. I thought - how could you sing that part Better? Well, this girl did. We went to the Greek Islands beforehand to eat in Greektown. VERY good food - the spinach and cheese pie was EXCELLENT!

Our annual Country Club Christmas Lunch with the Waynes - extended family.
Christmas morning!
Here we are bowling on New Years with the Barrowes side of the family. An annual tradition as well.

Another annual tradition - gingerbread houses!!!

Here is Aunt Sarah (my youngest sister). She is 17.
Tyler is a budding kitchen enthusiast. He LOVES to be doing (or rather undoing) the daily KP chores. Mommy Taking care of sick kids :( My least favorite part about winter!!!

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Cami said...

Yay! A post! I love the pics. I'm glad you liked Wicked. We're off to see it next month.

Looks like you had fun holidays with lots of traditions.