Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the narrowest back yard EVER!!!!

So here is our backyard – probably one of the NARROWEST and smallest ever!!! …. at least in Homewood. We do actually have a garden growing in the “uninhabited” looking area by the fence that loops around. I have liked doing the garden around a perimeter (already there – thank you previous owners) rather than a big huge gargantum rectangle in the middle of the yard. Also – it keeps the kids off. And there is no "middle" of the garden that is a weeding nightmare - weeding without getting muddy is MY kind of weeding!

(This last one is looking the other way - from the swingset)

Brooke’s item to take care of is her pet flower – she has to water it to get it to dance. The downside – it SERIOUSLY does NOT have an on/off button – and it only shuts off after 20 minutes of darkeness. Which means we hear weird noises coming out of that thing EVERY second. Sometimes Brian hides it - I have found it behind the piano, on windowsills, behind curtains. He is obviously not around it enough to become immune – if that can ever truly happen....

Here is Tyler “folding his arms.” To me it is the funniest thing ever. I have been vowing to take a picture of it before he learns to do it “right.” I think it is so adorable!!! I giggle just looking at it! Also - he is seriously a CAR FANATIC!!!

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Cami said...

cute pics! Hey, at least you HAVE a backyard. We have 100 sq feet, which we covered in deck because it was all soggy all the time. Looks like you're doing great with your garden!