Friday, May 04, 2007

Republican Presidential Debate

So the Republican Presidential Debate was pretty much how I would have predicted last night.

Mitt Romney, of COURSE, was awesome. The way he was positioned he was the first to answer all the group questions with no time to process or take into account the other answers – but he was, to his credit, VERY quick on his feet, and had a very smooth, eloquent, articulate presence. I knew he would – I have been very impressed with the various radio interviews I have heard with Shaun Hannity and others. Some people perceive his smoothness as a "used car salesman" quality - but I think those people are just trying to find something NOT good about him - and its hard because he is so likeable and polished.

Rudy Guilianni was repetivitely talking about 9-11 - most of his answers would relate back to that, with a couple exceptions. Yes that was his moment to shine, but politically that makes him look like a one trick pony. And yes, I do think it’s a little weird he married his FIRST cousin in his 1st marriage. I saw in the live vote his numbers went in the red for approval for the first time that I have seen.

John McCain – he reminds me a cute awkward Teddy Bear. He had an awkward precense with some of his answers and they didn’t flow compared to most of the others. He was more passionate than he has been in the past…but not articulate. I almost feel a little sorry for him for not having performed better.

OTHERS in a nutshell: Many people were impressed with Ron Paul on the boards – I thought he did a great job. He didn’t have a formidable presence, but he was well spoken and seemed like a good guy. Sam Brownback had very concise clear answers – and came right to the point. The others just blended back their lackluster performances.

Most people thought that Mitt had swept. Here is a quote from MSNBC (a liberal network) that sums it up:

"And Romney did seem to come up with the smoothest, most seamless extemporaneous answers of the 10 rivals for the nomination.

Confronted with an out-of-left-field question about what he disliked most about America, Romney answered, “Gosh, I love America. I’m afraid I’m going to be at a loss for words….” But of course he wasn’t, and he went on to give a paean to America’s natural and spiritual beauties.

Romney’s reply was worthy of Reagan himself as he and the other contenders tried to summon up the spirit of the former president.

“He looked like a president of the United States,” said Weber. “He was comfortable and familiar and in command of every issue and every question put in front of him…. He looked good, he sounded good.”

Weber said Romney had met the test of introducing himself to those viewers who didn’t know him and coming across as the person a typical American would want to have in his living room for the next four years."

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